Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yes this is me....I really am so happy.  Visited our endocrinologist today and like MOH I don't have to go back till February, 2013.  This will be the first time there has been a six month gap between visits which means....HE IS PLEASED WITH ME.

I can't stop smiling.  No, my HbA1c was not as good as I'd hoped but at 7.3% the professor seemed quite pleased so of course I am too.  He asked my age and when I told him I was now 80 he said for my age that reading was quite acceptable.  Big sigh of relief.

A copy of the blood test results are always sent to me at home so I am forewarned of what to expect when I see the specialist or doctor but this time the pathology people let me down so not knowing the result I was fearing the worst.  I did 'phone the pathology firm today and no, the results had not be sent to me but would be put into the mail today.  I like to have them as it gives me a continuum to go by for myself.

I also told him that my legs tended to swell up but he didn't seem concerned and mentioned gravity.  I guess with so many bits and pieces giving in to gravity as we age the fluid in the legs can be expected to be effected as well.  He did ask how the legs were when I got up in the morning and when I told him they were back to normal he said that's fine then.

After being in hospital on Sunday because of wild blood pressure readings he considered all aspects of the report and said he didn't think there was anything wrong with my heart and just to check my B/P at home occasionally.  He took my B/P and it was high because of course without thinking I let him test using my left arm.  When I dislocated my shoulder on that side last year I damaged my bicep muscle and the as the cuff tightened it hurt so darned much I knew the reading would high.

I have to try and do more exercises at home...weights I asked him to tell MOH that he has to do them with me and so the professor in an authorative tone told MOH that he is to do that.  I am hoping MOH will take heed as it is so boring doing exercises on one's lonesome.  I also read somewhere that exercises using elastic bands (resistance exercises) are good for diabetes so will try that too.

I really feel that after such a good result today I now feel more able to push on and perhaps get the readings even better by next year and I WILL EXERCISE MORE....that's a promise to me.


  1. So happy for you Mimsie - and so proud of your awesome results. Hope your new exercise program sees you reaping even more rewards xx

  2. Well done, I can see why that would make you smile. xxx

  3. Is walking around a shop buying presents for #3 GGD exercise even if I use my walker? I just wish I could go for a proper walk. Not getting very far with this resolution I made about exercise. : (