Thursday, January 26, 2017


I am sorry but I am going to have to put the royals on hold for a while.  I am having real problems with my ring finger on my left objects to me doing much typing.  I am sure it will come good so please watch this space on Thursdays in coming weeks and thank you to those who have been following the kings and queens of England and Scotland.

and just for fun:


  1. Oh, my dear, I'm sorry. I have problems with my hands as well. I won't bother you with what I do, I'm sure you have heard or tried them all by now. My local public television station has been showing various royal themed programs and, of course, I am glued to my set. I hope you hand is better soon!

  2. I hope your hand gets better quickly. Very, very quickly.

  3. I also hope your hand gets better quickly. I type only with pointer and middle fingers on both hands.
    The best part about Friday is it's followed by Saturday.