Sunday, February 10, 2013


When in my teens (1940s) women wore their frocks either knee length or just below the knee.  Then suddenly we had what became known as the 'new look'.  The new fashion dictated that skirts should finish only a few inches above the ankle, certainly much longer than mid-calf.

June and I, along with other friends, used to go dancing usually twice every weekend (Friday and Saturday nights).  These dances were held at various tennis clubs in the suburbs and our favourite was at Mt Lawley TC but we also attended dances at the Alexander Park TC, the Nedlands TC and also the dance that was held in the refrectory at UWA.

June and I nearly always made our own clothes....young women did that a lot back we decided to be daring and make ourselves black skirts to be worn with pretty tops for when we went to these dances.  Mine was made of satin backed crepe and it fitted nicely and I made a few tops to wear with the skirt.

The first night we wore out new length skirts I must admit we couldn't help wondering what people would think of this latest, quite extreme fashion but were pleasantly surprised and pleased to be complimented by quite a few of the folk we knew.   It wasn't long before others were following this fashion themselves.

I don't think the new look idea lasted very long and skirts eventually reverted to being shorter...perhaps mid-calf for a while....but it was a bit of an adventure at the time for two young teenager friends.

P.S.  Although we now live quite some distance apart June and I still keep in touch mainly with birthday and Christmas cards.  Perhaps I will ring her one day soon and remind of her when we decided to start a new fashion among our friends.


  1. Women looked so elegant back in the 40' those 'swing' coats.

  2. Yes they (we) did. Those 3/4 coats (we called them toppers) were wonderful. I had a few of them and wish I still did. Great for a cool summer evening or over warmer clothing in winter. A great addition to any wardrobe. Notice no trousers in the 1940s fashion pic. We did wear them but only on weekends or perhaps at night if going to the outdoor picture (movies) gardens. We did wear shorts quite a lot though.

  3. I remember the women wearing oh-so-pretty dresses in the fifties and sixties, mostly calf length, with so much fabric in the skirts! and the fabrics themselves....cotton, voile, that shiny cotton I can't remember the name of, not satin, that was mostly used for evening gowns, maybe it was sateen? Anyway, those were the days of flowery sundresses in the summer, pleated skirts in the winter. So much nicer than the man styled suits that followed for business women of the times.

  4. I remember having a full circle skirt that was terrific for square dancing. I made my evening gowns from taffeta, velvet and moire faille among other things. They were truly wonderful days in my life from 1947 through to 1953....and then I got married!!!!! The first time was a mistake but this time it's pretty good but now we are just like Darby and dancing but still a few pretty dresses.