Friday, February 22, 2013


Some of you will remember that in July, 2010 I was taken by ambulance to Fremantle Hospital as I had dislocated my left shoulder quite badly.  Pulled tendons etc., as well and with me being an oldie these soft tissue injuries take forever to mend.

That night I felt I needed a treat to deaden the pain!!!  My other half popped down the street and bought me a drumstick which is one of my favourite icecreams.  It tasted just so yummy that I said "I am going to have an icecream every night until this shoulder is completely better and I can do all the things with this arm I could do before."

Surprisingly enough it took many, many weeks before I could do most of the things I had done before without thinking about it but eventually, after much cussing on my part and soothing on the part of MOH, I found I could once again wash my hair and other everyday things we take for granted when we have two good arms.  It actually took longer than I expected to stretch my arm up and it still needs encouragement but there is no pain now.

Now to the present is now 19 months since that dislocation happened and I can do everything I could do before, even hang washing on the line which was quite difficult BUT there is one thing I cannot do.  I try and try but I cannot do up my bra!!!   I have found a way of undoing it one handed although with some difficulty but for some reason I can't twist the 'bad' shoulder around enough to hold the one side still while I hook the hooks up.

It's no good saying 'put it on and button it at the front and twist it around'.  That does not work for me and never has and I've tried front opening bras and they won't work either.  So it turns out there is still one thing I am unable to do and ergo I can still have my drumstick every night without feeling guilty.

I do have one of those AAAAH type bras but because of the shoulder I do battle putting it on and taking it off so that didn't solve the problem either.  Now when I am getting dressed I depend entirely on MOH to do up my bra.  What amazes me though is how I can (could) do them up behind my back but he, poor man, still has problems with those hooks and eyes.  The question for me over past years is this "what would I do without that wonderful man?"


  1. Well, I was going to suggest do it up at the front then twist it around, but you told me not to....
    I remember very well, the pain and immobility of my torn right shoulder tendon in 2010. It took months of therapy to get it moving almost normally, now the left shoulder has the same pain and immobility but without the torn tendon.
    I'm doing the same exercises that I did for the other one, but it's been nearly six months and it is still painful. I'm hoping the swimming will help eventually.
    I think this is a great excuse to eat ice cream every night and I think I will join you.

    1. Shoulders really can be a pain can't they? In the mid-1990s I had a frozen right shoulder and an ultrasound showed I had a torn tendon. No idea how it happened but my GP injected it with cortisone and it was fine until I slipped on some wet leaves and hurt it again. It is great now though which is fortunate 'cos I don't think I could stand 2 bad shoulders. Had left one injected too and it's getting there but has been much slower to mend. Lots more soft tissue damage methinks.
      I think with shoulders you'd be best doing breast stroke as overarm may be a bit much although I guess the movement would be good. You have to be so careful of joints don't you?
      Do join me in my icecream indulgence River as I know you will enjoy it. :)

  2. A wonderful man, AND an excuse to have an ice cream every night. Now that's a reason to smile xx

    1. Two reasons to smile actually....a wonderful man and the icecream!! What more do I need to complete my simple life. xx

  3. I was going to suggest the twist method or getting a front hook but since that has been tried and failed..... what would some poor soul without a man in her life do? I wonder if they train support monkeys for this lol?

  4. Think I'd rather have my other half than a monkey!! Let you into a secret....I don't go out very often so the bra thing is not a problem around the house unless visitors are expected and we have so few I do OK most of the time without a bra. :)