Friday, February 22, 2013


There have been several men in orange jackets, a number of huge white trucks, digging machines and lots of holes in our street that have that plastic orange trellis round them.  There has been some, not overwhelming, noise and the appearance of several new wireless light poles on the other side of the street.

They have now moved to nearby streets but many of the holes are still in our verges and I feel perhaps a few more lamp posts need to be installed.

This is a BEFORE/NOW shot taken several weeks ago and I look forward, eventually, to being able to take an AFTER shot.

Having tried, without success, to find out when this work will be completed and through to our homes we now wait with bated breath (well, not really) for the finality of this absolutely huge undertaking. It could be weeks or even months before it is all done but it will be so good to get rid of those huge wooden light poles and all those wires.

Incidentally we live right up the other end of the street; second last house on the right side.


  1. You're getting underground wiring??
    That's great news! No more wires blown down by storms, so no more blackouts. Or maybe much fewer blackouts. And no stobie poles to jump out and hit motorists either. No more wires with sneakers tossed over them, no more possums getting's all good.
    I wish our SA Govt. would copy this.

    1. Underground power at last!!! We are of course having to pay for it but we, as age pensioners, do get a concession thank goodness. This is a very old Perth suburb as it is not far from Fremantle so we didn't really expect they would go ahead with going underground but enough ratepayers voted for it so it's all go now.
      We don't seem to have problems with possums in the metro area at all but there are lots of them in country areas.

  2. You're losing your squirrel highway? I wish they would do that here as well. Just imagine being able to look up at the sky without the wires criscrossing.

  3. No squirrels Delores but it will be great not to have to worry about trees and overhead wires etc., in high winds. I really am looking forward to getting rid of the ugliness that poles and wires present. A clear view of the sky will be terrific.