Monday, February 25, 2013


The following promises to be very boring so if you don't have the time to spare then don't read any further.  : )

Having settled the dispute between my GP and my endocrinologist (no actually they settled it with the latter telephoning the former) I have now rebooked my appointment with the SKG nuclear medicine department for a scan of my parathyroid glands.  This will take place this coming Wednesday.  It is one of those long-winded procedures where I have to be there at 9.20am for about 75mins of this and that and then go home, drink lots of water and return after a couple of hours for more scanning.

This has to be fitted in before MOH attends his appointment with our endocrinologist at 2.45pm.  I will be cancelling my 2.30pm appt with him and reschedule to see him when he has the results of the scan.

This scan all has something to do with certain calcium levels and PTH levels not being what they apparently should be. Scan ordered by the professor queried by my GP but the Prof. rang the GP and said even though levels had improved with last blood tests he still wanted the nuclear scan to go ahead.

 It's always nice to have one's doctors really care what is happening to one.  Takes me back to when I was young and after a visit to or from our GP he would always say "ring me tomorrow morning at 9am and let me know how you (or the children) are.  That would continue until he knew everything was back to normal.  He even had surgery each Sunday between 5pm and 6pm when he would appear after his bath in his pyjamas and dressing gown.  Woe betide you though if you weren't there about something serious but about something that could have waited until Monday morning!!

I can then have Thursday off to do some household chores and on Friday our lovely cleaning lass comes in to whiz through and vacuum carpets and wash floors as well as cleaning the bathroom etc.  We are not very grubby people but a bit untidy and we try to put everything out of Jenny's way so she can get her job done thoroughly.  I know this doesn't sound like much but we feel quite bushed after making beds, moving chairs etc., and putting things away.  Still it is nice to have the house cleaned fortnightly and left to us I know it would get neglected somewhat.  Our spirits are willing but the flesh is often weak....and weary.

We will drift through the weekend as we usually do...quietly, with little happening, and prepare for next week.

Monday:   Shopping for the following week's foodstuffs etc.
Tuesday:  Our hairdresser comes to our home now to cut our hair which is so convenient. Appt
Wednesday:  9.30a.m. To our physio's exercise group for an hour's exercise and always some fun.
                     11.00 a.m.  We both visit our podiatrist for foot care.
Thursday:  A real fun day as I prepare for a colonoscopy AND endoscopy on the Friday.  I've had a
                   colonoscopy previously but the endoscopy will be a new experience.  This caused by my
                   iron levels being somewhat low of late and trying to find out why.  2 litres of 'gunk' to
                   drink etc. etc. and care about what medications to take and not to take.  What more fun
                   could one ask for?
Friday:       Present myself at the hospital at 8a.m. for all the fun of the fair and hopefully some good
                   results and nothing sinister found whatsoever.
Saturday:    We have to go to the local school as we are having state elections in Western Australia.
                   Could be an interesting result.  Our vote usually doesn't count in our electorate it is
                   a stronghold of the 'other' party.

Now, don't you reckon the above is enough for any 81 year old to have to cope with and her 83 year old hubby to support her through.  Hopefully I will come out the other side with some good answers and no new problems.  It is certainly an exciting life we lead.  : )


  1. Good luck with all your tests.....It's the hubs this week that has all the appointments over here..all I did was break a tooth last night.

    1. Oh no Delores....not a broken tooth. Can it be fixed or do you have to have it out? I guess it depends on where the tooth is.
      All the best to hubs with his appointments this week. Hope all goes well for him.
      Thanks for your good wishes. :)

  2. Lots of positive wishes wending your way. And it sounds truly exhausting.

  3. Thanks EC. I am sure we will both get through it all OK. Just a bit daunting when you get to our age.
    Hope all is progressing well with you and yours and that you are resting up as much as you can. :)

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  5. Gosh that's a lot to get through! Hope all tests come back okay and maybe you'll just need some iron supplements or something.
    I can understand you being bushed after making beds, I get the same way, especially in this heat. It's so much easier to just throw the quilt over the wrinkles and only do a proper job when changing the sheets.