Friday, October 5, 2012


I have been granted nearly 11 years beyond the three score years and ten that it is said is our lot.  Why am I still here then?  I was thinking about that today in one of my moments of deep thinking and you don't get a lot of that around here these days.

Firstly I have a husband and a cat that need me to be here regardless of what a nuisance I may be.  Said husband keeps me going and cares for me.  He may be a funny old bugger in many ways but he is always there if I need him, day or night.  When I had another attack of vertigo at 2am Tuesday morning he was there for me.  I call him MOH (my other half) and without him I would not be a whole person.

Our GP.  At first I only visited this doctor regarding my arthritis but then when our lovely lady GP fell in love and moved to the country I asked KW if we could become permanent patients of his.  He fortunately said yes he would add us to his huge list of patients for which we were very grateful.  He is only about 5 minutes drive from our home which also makes it very convenient.  He is easy to talk to and takes time to answer questions and explain things to us.

Our endocrinologist.  I did attend the Prof's clinic at Fremantle Hospital many years ago but when my diabetes took a turn for the better he delisted me as that is one very busy clinic.  After a time my diabetes took a turn for the worse (as type 2 diabetes does) so MOH and I now see the professor as private patients several times a year.  He is a wonderful man and tries his very best to keep us fit and healthy.

Our physiotherapist.  Well she is actually my physiotherapist and has been for several years now but if MOH has an odd ache or pain she looks after him excellently as well.  I often wonder if I'd be able to get around at all if it wasn't for Jenny.  We also go to an exercise group that she runs once week where we do various exercises suitable for the elderly as well as weights.  They are a lovely small group of up to 12 folk and we do have a lot of fun.

Our podiatrist.  We saw John today.  I have been going to him for a few years as I have very strong toe nails and was unable to manage them myself.  Earlier this year I talked MOH to go regularly with me every 6-7 weeks as I knew he was having difficulty managing his own nails and it is nice at our age to do things like that together.  John is also great to chat with and we have some quite serious conversations about all sorts of topics.

Our dermatologist.  JC is a fantastic doctor.  He has found several little things that needed treating and has endeavoured to get my rosaceae reasonably under control and zapped a few spots here and there.  With our Australian summers the way they are our skins are always under threat of developing sun spots no matter how careful we are so it's good to have someone keep a check on us each year.

My cardiologist.  I have been seeing Dr O'S for a number of years and was very pleased when I saw him in September when he told me that all the tests I've undergone show that my heart is in good condition, or at least it is right now.  That truly was good news after various weird things that have happened over the past few years.  My imagination? No, just strange things that happen from time to time for which there doesn't appear to be an answer.

Our pharmacists.  We always go to the same pharmacy and they are very helpful.  They are in the same complex as an IGA story and a newsagency which makes it very convenient if we need items other than medications.  All the pharmacists are very helpful and also they stock our diabetic medicines and insulin which is good.  It is of course our medications that probably are the prime reason we still exist so we do rely on our pharmacy to check that medications don't clash etc., and warn us if they think anything is incorrect in any way.

My eye specialist.  Dr G did both my cataract ops recently resulting in fantastic vision and on my last check up he performed minor laser surgery to correct a small fault left after one cataract op.  He is a charming fellow that I feel very comfortable with.  MOH and I both wear glasses and I go to a very special optometrist my daughter recommended who looks after my eyes.  MOH has his own eye specialist whom he sees twice a year about his glaucoma which is now well under control using drops daily.

Our dental clinic (which is subsidised by our Western Australian state government).  We have a wonderful dentist there who is actually a delight to visit.  I don't have much to be done these days but Peter looks after MOH's teeth very well and at nearly 83 he (MOH) is fortunate to still have nearly all his own teeth.

My family of course are a very important part of my life but I know that even though they are very busy they do think of me and that in itself is a reason to remain around as long as I can.  I try not to be a nuisance but of course would love to see each of them more than I do.  I do follow them on Facebook and that keeps me in touch with what they are doing which is great.

Unfortunately most of my close friends have left this mortal coil or now we live too far apart to pop in for a cuppa as we once would have done.  We exchange greeting cards for Christmas and sometimes birthdays and that is something I look forward to as well.  An occasional 'phone call too but not as often as we once did.

This may seem a strange post but I just wanted to acknowledge the fantastic people that endeavour in various ways to make out lives reasonably comfortable.  Not all these medicos etc are Australian which pleases me as it is good to get to meet people of other races.  As long as they are good people the colour of their skin or shape of their eyes is of no concern to me.  We are, after all....all human beings and that is how I see them.

I hope I've not left anybody out.  You can now see why many of our outings involve medical things.  This happens as one ages.  I have relations and friends that detest doctors but I have not, nor ever had a fear of them for which I am very thankful.  One has to trust that they will do their very best and I have that trust.


  1. I love your long list of the professionals and the family that care for you. There is one important person you have left off that list though - you. If you were not ready to accept help when needed, or didn't take your medication, go to your exercise classes and engage with the world I suspect you would have drifted away long ago. Your spirit is still burning brightly, which is so lovely. Long may it continue.

    1. Me? I guess I do have a hand in it all. I'm the leading force when it comes to keeping MOH in line. I'd forgotten one wonderful orthopaedic surgeon. The man that did both my hip replacements.
      Another thing that keeps me going mentally is my computer: Facebook and all the games of scrabble I play. Currently have about 50 games on the go. Thanks again for your kind words EC. x

  2. That's quite a list there Mimsie, glad you've found such a fabulous team to help you care for you and your other half. And I agree with The Elephant's Child - your spirit is obviously strong and fabulous too!

  3. Thanks for your kind words also PPMJ. I think in my case the spirit is willing but it's the flesh that is weak, especially the poor old joints. I also have to thank the few followers of my blog particularly wonderful folk like you and EC. You inspire me too in different ways. Thank you. x

  4. I think it's nice that you've thanked your caregivers publicly like this.
    I don't have many such people yet, I have a doctor and a dentist, but not always the same person. I go to clinics and just see whoever is first available. I'm rarely sick, so that's okay for now.

  5. I felt, although none of them will know I published the story of our carers, it was nice to acknowledge how they do their best to keep us as healthy as possible. You are very fortunate not to be ill. My husband wasn't ill until in his 50s when thyroid cancer came as a shock but he is fully recovered thank goodness. I have had my share over the years so sort of take it all in my stride which unfortunately is not a very big one these days. lol