Sunday, October 14, 2012


Our beautiful little friend is celebrating her 11th birthday this week.  We got her from the Cat Haven in December 11 years ago when she was no more than 6 weeks old so we estimated back that her birthday would have been around about the 14th October so we have made this her official birthday.

We actually brought home 2 beautiful little kittens...a white and grey one and a grey one with a touch of tabby.  Poor dear Henry died in his sleep in August 3 years ago.  Precious and Henry were both lying in front of a fan heater when it happened and she immediately knew something bad had happened to Henry and for some months afterwards she wouldn't come into the living room and acted quite strangely.  It took her some time to get over the trauma of Henry's death but eventually she was OK.  Henry had been the dominant cat for most of the 8 years they were together but Precious gradually began to make her presence felt and now she is the boss of the house.

This morning as MOH and I got out of bed Precious came into our bedroom miaowing more tunefully than usual as though she knew it was her special day.  No ordinary meow but more a sort of yodel....marowow marowow...if that makes any sense.

We both hope that our little mate will be with us another few years and that we too will be around to enjoy her friendship and to care for her as she ages.  We think even now she is spending less time out of doors in the daytime and sleeping more.  She is obviously having more 'nanny naps' than before.



  1. They wind their furry little paws deep into your heart strings don't they?
    Precious looks just like her name.

  2. Yes EC they certainly do and I've always been very much a cat person although there are some dogs I like as well i.e. golden retrievers, labradors and golden cocker spaniels. I have to add female bull terriers to that list as we had one and she was adored by family and neighbours alike.
    Precious got her name as when we brought her home she was so tiny and so shy and as I cuddled her I said "She is so precious" so hence the name. We also quite often call her 'Bubby" as well and we're not sure where that name came from. She answers to both which is just as well. :)