Monday, October 22, 2012


MOH left this morning at 11.30am to go to the University of WA to join other diabetics to talk to students about how the disease (both types 1 and 2) had affected their lives over the years.  We both used to do this until several years ago it became too difficult for me to walk about too much so since then MOH has been going on his own.  Today they spoke to about 50 postgraduates who are now commencing a second degree.

Today he had to be there well before lunch as they were being invited to a special lunch before the talks began.  He said he only ate a tuna sandwich and some salad keeping in mind his sugar levels and his increasing girth.

He was saddened to be told by the professor in charge that there would be no need for any of the volunteers to go next year to the uni as the curriculum is being changed and she is not even sure if these gatherings will be ever be arranged again.  That means today would probably be the last time MOH will be able to do this as in two years time he will be in his 85th year and possibly a little old to spend even half a day there and certainly not a full day which it usually is.  Time certainly has a habit of marching on.

I feel I must add this point.  The professor walked MOH back to where he'd parked car which I thought was very nice of her and on their way they talked about students in general and a comment the professor made got me to thinking about the modern attitudes of people.  She said these days they had to try and convey the message to university students that they must learn to be polite to people and have concern about others and not just themselves.   I thought that said a lot.

I said I missed him today even though it was for only 6 hours but I suddenly realised I am reluctant to do too much when he is not around as I seem to be unsteadier on my feet of late.  I certainly don't dare to venture outside into the garden on my own.  I'd not realised how dependent I am on this poor man and yet he must have time to himself and not have to be here all the time.

He always makes sure he takes the mobile phone (turned on) so I can contact him should I need to and he will ring me to check on me if he feels he needs to.  That is the only time the mobile is in use unless the two of us are out together.

Perhaps I should try and get myself a smaller walking frame I can use in the house, and the garden for that matter.  The one I have is a 4-wheeler and has  a seat and is too large for our small house.  Our friend Richard suggested I buy a copy of Quokka and see if any smaller frames are advertised for sale.  That I definitely will do tomorrow.

This all gives me further food for thought.  We do so want to stay put in this little cottage of ours even though it causes work we don't need, so persevere we both must to try and work out a way we can end our days here without causing too much grief to ourselves or others.

Here I have just been thinking aloud or 'writing aloud' perhaps but it helps me to put it in writing.  I feel there is a lot of thinking to be done over future weeks to get our lives organised properly.


  1. Good luck. There are some hard issues to be considered.
    And yes, a smaller walker could make a HUGE difference.
    I sometimes (and not always sensibly) make a point of going out on my own so that both of us can get some me time. Such a hard admission that independence is slipping away...

  2. Yes that admission is difficult to make no matter what our age. Although I still have my driver's licence I have not been driving for a while now so can't go out without MOH unfortunately. I could still drive in an emergency but my hands are so bad I feel it is better not to do so. I have nobody I can go out with so am stuck here or he and I go out together. He gets away from me to go shopping etc., and once a month he has his Dead Poet's Society where he meets people of like mind and he enjoys that very much. I spend time out here at my computer so he can read and listen to his music which he also enjoys.

  3. Uni students must learn to be polite to people and have concern for others??
    I'm stunned. shouldn't they have already learned these things? What is the world coming to?
    I agree that a smaller walking frame would be a good idea. There is something about those frames that bothers me though, I see many of them as a checkout chook and they all seem to be too low, with the users having to hunch or bend over to push them. It's so much worse for the taller old people I serve and I'm sure it isn't doing their backs any good. Isn't there any kind of height adjustment available on these things?