Monday, October 8, 2012


MOH was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea a few months ago and was told he should use a sleep machine which delivers air to him through a tube while he is sleeping.  He had a trial run with such a machine and the results were good so it was decided we should buy a machine for him to use permanently.  Fortunately our private health insurance paid a sizable contribution towards the cost.

Today he had an appointment with CPAP, the people who sold him the machine, and his results over the past 3 months are excellent.  Next Monday he has an appointment with his sleep doctor and I am convinced he too will be delighted with the results he will have received from CPAP.

There are times when MOH would like to leave the machine off for a short break but inevitably he begins to snore etc., within a few minutes.  It is a quite comfortable device and he has really taken to it like a duck to water.  No mask (he tried one and found it uncomfortable) so this is just a sort of double nozzle that fits in his nostrils. When the weather is cold he can add water to a receptacle in the machine and set it to warm the water so he is not breathing in icy cold air which makes it even more comfortable.

I now think back to the countless night when I would hear him snore or gasp for air and wake him or tell him to turn over.  I used to be afraid I would go to sleep and not hear him having problems breathing.  To stop breathing 32 times in an hour is not funny and I would recommend anyone who thinks they may have sleep apnoea to at least see their GP so they can have the appropriate test. This also applies if your partner or anyone you know appears to be having breathing problems while asleep.

Peaceful nights are here again and now I just need to tell my silly joints to behave and we will both have wonderful restful nights.  I am sure we are both so much better off than several months ago. 


  1. So pleased for you both. And I hope your joints behave better soon as well. Is the warmer weather kinder to you?

  2. Thank you. I am not really sure if the change of seasons has a huge effect but I am sure change in barometric pressure does which in turn, of course, has to do with the weather. I have extremely strong bones but the cartilege is the problem with me. It wears out and then the aches and pains begin. After all, it is ONLY osteo arthritis however painful it may be. So many people much worse off than I am but I have to have the odd grizzle occasionally.