Monday, October 8, 2012


While I am sitting here pondering what I could write about today I am listening to one of my Roger Whittaker CDs.

His is a voice I really enjoy very much and although he is now 76 he is still a very good singer and I believe he will shortly be touring Germany again where he is very popular.

I first heard Roger Whittaker sing when he was the first to record "Wind Beneath My Wings". I loved the song when I first heard it and still do but back then I was far too busy to take much notice of music that was on the wireless or who in fact was doing the singing.  I just know I really enjoyed the lyrics and the voice of the singer.

In the early 1990s I bought a double CD with a variety of artists and two of the songs were sung by Roger Whittaker..."I don't believe in If any more" and "The Last Farewell" and loved both songs and kept replaying them.

When I got a computer and became used to using the internet I began looking for CDs featuring Roger Whittaker and I now have a collection of about a dozen of his CDs. He sings a lot of songs in German ) but I prefer songs sung in French if they are to be in a foreign language.  He does sing in French too and so I enjoy that very much.

I am 80 and Roger is 76 so I guess we are contemporaries at least in age if not in talent. I like songs that tell a story and also a singer that sings so I can understand the words he is singing.  I play his music as an accompaniment when I am out here using my computer and they never fail to please me.

Saw my physio again today.  This time she worked on my knee, my neck and the right side of my jaw.  Next week?  Other sore spots are awaiting her ministrations. If only I could win Lotto and then I could have her as my permanent physio to call on whenever necessary.  Well, we can all dream can't we?

A quiet night tonight with dinner already cooked so feet up, a little TV and then to bed perchance to dream.


  1. I don't know anything about Roger Whittaker. I will have to look out for him.
    I am glad that your physio is able to help.

  2. If you put his name in Google you will see his home page and you can also view lots of videos of him singing. He is also an expert whistler.