Monday, February 6, 2012


Now I realise that yes, it is just 6 weeks since I was here.  I've opened up several times but nothing came to mind that was of interest to me let alone others.  I guess at age 80 you are not up with all things modern so it's not possible to comment on them.  If one does comment on modern times it sometimes comes out as a sort of criticism which is not good and usually not intended.  Technology has left us way behind so perhaps we live in a type of time warp now.

I contemplated whether to get rid of my blog entirely but then realised that it is actually here for me and if nobody else ever reads it or comments......then so what?

What to write about is the question and I decided that perhaps reminiscing about 'little things' that have happened over the years could be the way to go so that is what I intend to do.  As those events come to mind from time to time then I will write about them just for my own pleasure in having remembered them.  Here's hoping my long term memory is still functioning.

If you are a friend who perhaps drops in here occasionally then I hope you will enjoy whatever it is I write about and as a favour to me perhaps leave a comment even if just to say "what a load of rubbish!"
No, only joking but then am I or am I dinkum about loving ALL comments people take time to leave.


  1. I for one am glad you are back. I love reading what you write.

  2. I love all your posts Mimsie, seriously. It's such a lovely insight into your life. Come back whenever you're up to it - I'll be here reading, and commenting. xx

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I have begun on a series of childhood memories and hope they are of some interest to you and others that may check out my blog occasionally. I know I'm asking a lot but it would be wonderful if folks would just leave a comment saying they had visited for a spell. I guess we all write blogs for our own satisfaction but it's nice to know they may amuse others at times. Just an old lady's vanity perhaps?