Friday, February 17, 2012


Over the years I've had strange optical occurrences which I have been told are a type of migraine without the headache and I suppose I must be thankful for that although I do feel a bit spaced out after these events.

Today was somewhat differenct.  Being elderly we are eligible for a cleaner one day a fortnight through our local council at very reduced rates.  Today Jenny arrived half an hour early as her roster had been changed and she had time to kill.  We were quite happy for her to be here as we both like her very much so MOH made cups of tea and we sat and chatted.

MOH and Jenny were sitting in two chairs side on to me in the living room and suddenly without warning I looked across at MOH as he was speaking and realised that Jenny had disappeared except for her feet!!

This was something I'd not experienced before and it was quite disquieting to say the least.  Jenny also has the odd optical occurrence but said she has not had things or people actually disappear.

Honestly, she just was not there at all unless I looked directly at her and then of course part of the wall next to me then disappeared.   It was weird to see Jenny's feet without legs or a body above them.

Fortunately this strange event only lasted for about 5 minutes but I must admit that afterwards I did feel completely washed out and quite unwell, even slightly nauseous,  for at least an hour.

I am wondering if others also have this type of thing happen to them and if it has been explained to them in detail at all.  I have just been told all of these optical happenings are a type of migraine so I guess I must believe those that know better than I do.

I am not looking forward to it happening again but guess I shouldn't complain as it must be a few years since I last had one of these events and be thankful it is not a full blown migraine.

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