Friday, February 17, 2012


MOH and I were invited to join in celebrations for our youngest great-granddaughter's 4th birthday last Sunday and of course we gladly accepted the invitation.  We set out on what is a quite lovely 40 minute drive to the home of our oldest granddaughter and her husband.  Our daughter and her hubby were there as well as 2 other granddaughters and our eldest great-granddaughter as well.

There was much fun with the opening of and admiration of presents and when she opened the ballerina dress we had given her she had to put it on and wore it for the rest of the day.  It had been chosen by her mother and I was grateful that she had taken the trouble to buy it for me as well as a couple of other small items.  I think she really loved all her presents.

We all then sat down to a delightful morning tea with lots of goodies to be enjoyed by by both young and old and I must admit we have some very good cooks in the family.  As I am now considered quite elderly I no longer have to contribute anything in the way of food which suits me quite well now.  We still of course love to buy gifts for everyone but sometimes need help to choose the right ones as I am not able to get to the shops as much as I once did..

There was of course a very pretty birthday cake with 4 candles and young miss blew them out with gusto and we all sang Happy Birthday and of course there were 3 cheers as well.  All in all it was a really wonderful few hours we all spent together.

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