Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Firstly I am going to share a picture of Candy with you.   She loves to sit on my lap when I am in the living room whether it be morning, afternoon or evening  I often spend an hour or so out here at my computer early evening and then she will spring up on the desk as if to ask me to leave here and go sit in my armchair.  When I don't do so she hops down and into the chair in the corner where Phil usually sits when he comes out here for a chat.   She makes herself comfortable as you can see here and often stays long after I've gone in to make our evening meal.  She is a cat that really does sleep quite deeply so she must feel very secure with us.

Now about the week that was:  I eventually received those blood test results I'd been waiting so impatiently for and learned nothing at all.  For some reason there had been 'an interference with the sample" so the test would need to be repeated........again.   I made several telephone calls trying to find out what has 'interfered' with the sample but to nobody could tell me.

I paid a visit to Dr Ken (I had to have my vitamin B12 shot anyway) and he had no idea what was meant by 'interference' but decided not to repeat the test but would leave it to the Professor as it was his idea for me to have this particular blood test.  Dr Ken said he couldn't see any point in repeating the test as the particular problem it would show up is so rare he has never come across it in all his years practising as a doctor.   He said he thinks he has seen nearly every problem it is possible to see at least once but not this particular problem.  I will now wait till I see the Professor next month and await his verdict.  For now that is behind me.

We did something different this Easter.  Grandson Luke had requested that the family get together on Good Friday instead of Easter Sunday as he works weekend and as a result seldom gets to see the family as we frequently get together on weekends.  We went up to K and B's home for lunch and exchange of eggs.   It was unfortunately a rather hot day (32ºC) but with two large electric fans humming away we enjoyed our lunch, eventually moving indoors for a while (the airconditioning was doing a great job) before departing for home.  It seemed strange doing Easter on the Friday but it was good to see our grandson as well as 2 granddaughters and 3 great-granddaughters....in all there were 11 of us.   As we were leaving Luke said he'd see us at Christmas but we are hoping it won't be that long before we see him again.  He works in the hospitality trade so of course weekends are their busiest times.

The rest of the weekend we spent very quietly as neither of us were feeling very crash hot and we put it down to an over indulgence of chocolate, something which, as a rule, we eat very little of except the little squares Phil has each night after dinner.   We didn't really eat that much and still have some left but I think we will limit our intake over several days of even weeks.

Today I have an appointment at 11a.m. to see Jenny, my physiotherapist.  I've put off seeing her for some months now but my aches an pains are getting so bad I can't put it off any longer and am only hoping she can help me at least a little.   I have 5 free visits to her under my Care Plan and if I need further visits, which I think I will, I will at least get some refund from our health insurance.  I think I will ask her to treat my neck and left shoulder first and then work downwards over the coming weeks.  She knows all the sore spots and she does a wonderful job, so here's hoping.


  1. I am glad that you got to see so much of your family with an 'early Easter'. Yay for Dr Ken not scheduling a repeat of that test.
    I hope that Jenny can ease your pain - and that both you and Phil are soon feeling much better.
    Candy of course is beautiful, but you and she know that.

    1. As you know seeing the family is of paramount importance to me so no more needs to be said.
      Jenny helped my neck and left shoulder and I will see her next week and the week after and so on.
      Do you know, I think Candy really does know she is beautiful and she is one of the reasons that Phil and I often rebound quickly from a 'downer'.

  2. I hope your physiotherapist has magic fingers and helps a lot, living with aches isn't fun.
    I finally gave up the Easter Egg exchange, it just didn't make sense anymore. We're all adults now, and it seems silly for me to spend $xxx on eggs to give them, and have them spend $xxx on eggs to give me, so we all agreed to stop. if I want a small egg or bunny, I'll buy one. If I don't, then I'll save my money. Same for the kids, they buy them if they want them and most of them don't.
    Candy looks cosy all curled up in her chair.

    1. Jenny certainly does have magic fingers even if they cause some hurt. She is a tiny little lass but the power in her hands is unbelievable.
      We still do Easter eggs (or rabbits it was this year) because of the two littlies as they have to have their egg hunt in K and B's back gaarden.
      Candy really does know what the word comfort means.

  3. Hari OM
    Glad you had some family time for the holiday weekend... and that Dr Ken kept things calm and in perspective! Candy is cuddlesome... and here's wishing some relief of aches as a result of physio!!! YAM xx

    1. You too understand what family times means to me with such a little family.
      I am going to have Jenny gradually work her way downward..neck and shoulder done...now below the shoulders next.
      Candy is one for making herself comfy no matter where she is. xx

  4. Interference with the sample sounds like someone dropped it and it shattered..

    1. I'd not thought of that Claudia but you could be right. I had wondered had it been left to thaw out which caused the 'interference'. It was one that had to be spun and snap frozen. Seemed an awful long time before the results arrived. I guess we will never know the answer.