Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It was a quiet week as we enjoyed a respite from the hot weather but this week somewhat hotter so summer continues through into autumn which, in Perth, is always the case.  Our eastern states cousins are also very warm whereas, at this time of year, they are  usually enjoying much cooler days.

I successfully had my blood tests on Wednesday morning, after a false start the day before and, hopefully, the results should arrive in our letterbox soon.  Public holiday yesterday so perhaps tomorrow.  Then off to see our GP for his interpretation of them and of course to have my B12 injection.

Saturday morning we had a 'phone call from our daughter asking us up to lunch at their home the next day.   Was a little warm at 29ÂșC but quite comfortable under their large pergola surrounded by the huge collection of frangipani in pots.

All the family were there (except grandson who works weekends) and we spent a pleasant few hours chatting about various things, including AFL football season soon to begin, the American presidential election and things in general.

K has a great idea for a quick lunch without too much work: rolls with ham, cheese and tomato which on Sunday she made up for us the way we wanted them.  All so quick and just enough for lunch.  Phil and I shared a dark ale and a couple of bottles of ginger beer as well.  Perfect for a warm day.

Great-granddaughter, just turned 8, has discovered that great-grandma likes a neck massage.  She didn't forget on Sunday.  She is so gentle and it is seems to make us closer.  I don't see either her or her younger sister often enough to really know them well as I did with my grandchildren but they seem to like Phil and me and I guess that is nice to know.

One wee bit of excitement was when we noticed some paper wasps hanging around some tiny decorative lights hanging under the patio roof.  On further inspection it turned out that two of the little 'balloons' were full of these paper wasps.  B fetched the flyspray and a couple of good bursts had the wasps either flying off quickly or dying immediately.  Apparently flyspray works very quickly on them.  I don't like killing things if I can possibly avoid doing so but these were a little too close for comfort and obviously were intent on building nests which would not have been a very good idea as far as humans were concerned.  RIP little wasps.

I hope everyone's week is going well and will continue to do so through to the weekend.


  1. ahhhhhh poor wasps. My wife has gotten irritated me I refuse to clear nests under our car port. I tell her leave them alone and they'll leave her alone. She gives me a glare and walks away. I spend more time outside than her. If anyone gets stung it will be me. On the good side, they are all gone and done with their nests within a few weeks. Yeah.

    1. I am with you but these poor wasps were in very close proximity to the people and there were young children so a bit risky. We have paper wasps building nests under our pergola etc and we let them be. My hubby and have been both strung and they do hurt but he says not nearly as much as do European wasps.
      Wasps are also useful in the garden so live and let live is our motto,

  2. Hari OM
    there's a bit of me on the side of MacWheeler - but I also know the risk of the wasps and anywhere on the house is just a tad too close! Sounds like you had a super Sunday - mine was pretty good too - the sun was shining!!! Here's hoping for those results... YAM xx

    1. Glad you had some sunshine.
      We only removed a wasp nest (remember these are only paper wasps) from our side gate as they were right where you put your hand to open the gate.
      Still watching the letter box for the postie but hopefully soon all will be revealed.
      Hope your week is going well for you. xx

  3. Glad that you had a family filled Sunday.
    Fingers and toes crossed about the blood tests.

    1. Yes, for a couple of oldies that don't get out much it was very enjoyable and a real surprise. Will meet again for Easter of course.
      I have everything crossed too but with public holiday yesterday the wait will probably be a little longer.

  4. A lovely Sunday, apart from the poor wasps. If they have started to build a nest, they can be moved on by simply knocking away the nest with a broom or similar, then spray that spot so they won't return. Usually they won't return anyway, they'll find somewhere else and start over.
    If you notice native wasps, the ones with orange/brown abdomens, don't try moving the nest as it just enrages them. Their nests are made of mud, but look similar to the paper wasps.

    1. These wasps were actually inside these tiny paper (lanterns) which had wee globes in them so they had to go. You couldn't get to the nest they were making unfortunately. Our paper wasps get very angry if you go near their nests and Phil and I've both been stung. Once on the end of my middle finger which lit up like ET's finger but it didn't tell me to phone home.
      We definitely live and let live to most creatures in our garden when we can.