Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I found this picture when searching for something else and thought it rather beautiful.

I was glad I found it as I needed something nice after the last couple of days.  It has been soooooo hot.  40C (104F) on Sunday and the same yesterday.   I know I promised not to mention the weather again this summer but....really.  I know our eastern and southern states are affected by El Nino but what on earth is happening in the southwest corner of Western Australia?  I believe the Indian Ocean is warming up but could that be the reason for this heat in mid-March?  All the rain from our north seems to go east instead of coming south.

I have the results of my blood tests except for the one I really want.  It is the one that has to be sent to the hospital for their pathology people to do so it takes time.  Hopefully it will arrive this week and then I can pop down and see our GP.   Just love to know what the verdict will be.

Our new airconditioning unit has been installed and is working well and it so quiet.  Derek arrived at 6.30 yesterday morning and worked non-stop all day till about 2.30 in the afternoon.  Much of that time was spent up in the roof (with tiles having been removed) in the dreadful heat.  He doesn't eat all day but just drinks water and he is very fit.  Some people have their own way of doing things and that is his way, strange as it may seem to some of us.  I think the temperature in the living room was well over 30C (86F) when the airconditioning was finally turned on and it took a while for it to get down to 24C (75F) which it is set on but it feels so wonderful.   Of course the kitchen will now be cool enough for us once again begin to thinking about cooking.   We both love salads but you often want to have a cooked meal so now we can do just that.  The other good thing is we can now cool the bedroom down or even leave the aircon on all night if we have more hot nights (last night was 26C (79F) as it is so quiet it won't annoy the neighbours.

We are promised a cooler day of 32C tomorrow and then a week of temps in the high 20s which is bearable and they are saying it 'could' rain, and with that I will make a promise that I won't mention the weather again, or at least not till next time. 


  1. I am so pleased that you finally have your airconditioning and some respite from the rotten, rotten heat.
    The sweaty season has gone on way tooooo long.

    1. Cooler but with the cool change comes the humidity so I guess we are never completely satisfied.
      A much more pleasant week ahead wheatherwise and still that promise of rain. Fingers crossed.

  2. Hari OM
    LOL - oh you cracked me up. 'next time...' &*> We just got two days of proper spring weather at last - sunshine and 15'C YAAAYYY - it won't last but lapping it up whilst here. Don't mention rooves though - our tenement building is currently under scaffolding whilst all the winter storm damage gets repaired. There are six flats, but it will still be a hefty bill each.................sigh........... Hope those results get to you by the next time we chat &*<> Huggies, YAM xx

  3. Well I had to add that proviso didn't I?
    Good news about your spring weather but not about the roof...there's always some reason we have to put our hands in our pockets or purse especially when we don't need it.
    Rang pathology people today and they don't have the result from the hospital so are going to give them a bit of a hurry up. I will ring GP's rooms tomorrow to see if he has perhaps received the result direct from the hospital.
    Hope your lovely weather continues for you. xx