Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It's been quite a hectic week or so for we two oldies.  First came Christmas and we spent most of the day at our eldest granddaughter's home.  She and her hubby have two girls aged 7 and 3 and it was such fun to watch them excitedly open their gifts.  It amazes me the contrast between now and ''way back then" the number of gifts kiddies get today.  I know it was wartime when I was a child but even without the war I doubt there would have been such a selection available for small children.

We had a wonderful lunch...chicken, pork, ham. salads of several kinds and Phil and I both had a glass of ale each (our special Christmas drink).   Much later we had sweets made by our #2 granddaughter.  She is the sweet expert.   It may seem strange to people who celebrate Christmas in colder climes but we now always have a cold meal on Christmas Day.

Along came New Year.   Phil and I always stay home but we do stay up to see the new year in.  We tried to find something worth watching on TV but having failed to do so we listened to some delightful music from one of Phil's numerous CDs.  We did watch the delayed fireworks from Sydney and they certainly laid it on this year.  Phil and always wonder at the cost of this displays but to some people New Year is very special so I guess they need to be catered for.

Of course I celebrated my 84th birthday on 2nd January.  It was quite a hot day but Phil and I managed to keep cool in the house and at 4.50pm we left to journey down to Steel Tree in Baldivis for dinner with the family.   Apparently their airconditioning had broken down but we were fortunate to be seated at a table immediately under a small wall aircondtioner which kept us comfortably cool.  We all enjoyed our *meals and then we went to C's home (they live only two streets from the restaurant) where I was surprised with a lovely cake complete with candles.   7 y.o. Immy helped me blow out the candles and we all enjoyed a slice of cake each.  All in all it was a great day.

It has been quite a hectic time as we seldom go out but it was all very enjoyable and once again we are so glad of having our little family.  On Sunday we both just flopped.  I think it probably tires poor Phil out more than it does me as he is the one who has to do the driving and it is a good 35-40 minute drive each way.  I am sure we will bounce back pretty soon.  We have little choice as we are faced with at least another 3 months of very hot weather.  This week is a good example with 39ºC x 2 and then 38ºC with the 'chance' of it being a littler cooler next week.  (For those still on farenheit 30ºC = 86ºF and 40ºC = 104ºF).

I hope 2016 has begun well for everyone and wouldn't it be great if there was a little more peace in the world and less natural disasters.  It's not begun too well so far in that regard to either problem but one can only hope that everything will improve everywhere for everyone.

*I had roast pork belly with mashed potato and broccolini, apple sauce and a red wine jus.  It looked rather like this and was delicious.  The crackling was really crisp.

Yesterday (Monday) we both perked up quite a lot and although I didn't do anything spectacular Phil did get to go to the bank and do some much needed grocery shopping as well go to the library to exchange a couple of books and find some poetry for his meeting with his two ladies next Friday.  This month their 'theme' is Tennyson. 

We will have corned silverside cooking in the slow cooker today which, when cold, will go down very well with a variety of salads for our main meals for a few days.  Probably a meal of tinned salmon or sardines for a change in between.

I hope I am not jumping the gun but I have a good feeling about this new year.....please 2016 don't let me down.

Just remembered it is 30 years today since my son Steven married his long time partner Dianne.  It was a lovely wedding and although I won't be in touch with them, mentally I wish them continued good health and happiness.


  1. I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday and cake too! You're right about Christmas gifts; when I was little there was just one gift per child in my family, usually something fairly big, for instance my siblings got a chain-driven tricycle each, while I got a doll and pram. Now it seems some kids get half the toy store at Christmas and the other half for their birthdays.

    1. Yes I was very lucky to have such a great birthday.
      Like you, even though I was an only child at home, presents were often a stack of secondhand books and perhaps home-made clothes such as dressing gown. Can't even remember many of my gifts as a child.

  2. Echoing River: We also got one gift. And it was not always a 'new' gift. Our first bicycles were definitely second hand.
    I am glad you have had such a lovely start to the year, and hope it continues. In cooler weather.

    1. Year going good so far but still too hot for me and a really hot one tomorrow. 39C.
      My bicycle when I was 12 (still war years) had been made up of parts and painted so looked like new (Malvern Star). Very heavy and no gears in those days. lol

  3. Hari OM
    ...and yesterday's news report told us how spending on 'credit' had increased for this Christmas season in the UK... just what everyone needs...

    I am with you on the desire for a more peaceable and clement year, Mimsie; I guess all we can do is ensure that we make it so around our own neighbourhood and pray that it catches on!!! Huggies, YAM xx

    1. I so wish people would live within their means. Credit cards are great as you don't need to carry cash but Phil and I both pay ours in full at the end of each month. Mine doesn't even carry a yearly charge so even better.
      Let's do our best to set a good example by always being there for people and try to be cheerful. Best we can do as individuals. xx

  4. Sounds like a great start to the year for you. May the momentum keep building.

    1. Year still good so far. Will keep momentum going but slowly and surely the best way for we oldies.