Thursday, January 7, 2016


Although I probably included them under "A" I will include SNAPDRAGONS here as everyone seems to love them.  Mum used to grow them in her garden over the years and I remember as kids we used to have fun making them open and shut their "mouths" as did my own two children.

SNOWDROPS are very dainty and beautiful but I've seldom seen them grown in Perth.  Our previous neighbour years ago had two little plants in her front garden but they sadly are long gone.

SWEET WILLIAM are also a flower I think is beautiful but I've never had any great success growing it.  I think dad used to have some growing in his garden but then he tended to have a green thumb and could grow almost anything.

SUNFLOWERS....I cannot go past the "S" without including *SUNFLOWERS.  Of course they are yellow which makes them very special to me and the large ones look so majestic standing there when in full bloom.

 P.S.  Now I know for sure I am going a little potty as I left off here what I would think would be everyone's very favourite garden flower.....SWEET PEA......I remembered it when in bed and they had to be added here before it was too late.

I have grown them, you have grown them.  Everyone has grown them at one time or another.   *My mother nearly always had sweet peas growing and whenever I visited her and if they were in bloom I would return home with a large bunch of sweet peas.  I must admit I love their perfume but my sinuses are not too sure and I can end up with a touch of hay fever but that is a small price to pay.

Am I correct in saying you need to get the seed in before 17th March although that of course would only be in the southern hemisphere!

No matter where they grow or at what time of year, they still remain my very favourite"S" flower.

Do you have a favourite "S" flower?

It is 31 years ago today that my mum died and I am wondering if perhaps thinking of her, the thought about sweet peas came into my head as it did.   She was a wonderful woman, a terrific mum and a much loved grandmother.  She is still missed and always will be.  I often talk softly to her and when in pain occasionally call her name.  She was always there when I needed her over the years.  Many of you of course followed her life story when I copied here book here on my blog last year.  She deserved a nice long rest after all she did for so many people.  I always loved this picture I took of my mum when she was holding my daughter who then was only a few weeks old (in August 1955).


  1. I don't think I have a favourite S flower, but the sunflowers are a bright and cheery sight. I've never grown sweet peas, but I had a friend who grew them in every yard she lived in and always along the side of the carport on a trellis.
    I remember my garden in Holsworthy (Army base) had snowdrops by the dozen growing under the wisteria along the front porch and I planted an entire bed of Sweet William in a Victorian home on another Army base.

    1. There are so many "S" flowers I guess it's not easy to have a favourite. Unfortunately, with our water restrictions in Perth, one seldom sees many of them except perhaps sunflowers which are sun loving plants.

  2. Hari OM
    All these are winners! They would make up a pretty neat cottage garden... with, perhaps, the addition of Salvia...

    I loved your sharing of Mum's memoirs - that's a great photo! Blessed memories. YAM xx

    1. They are great but I didn't include salvia as it's not one that comes to my mind easily.
      I am so glad you enjoyed my mother's story Yam. Wonderful memories indeed and in that photo she looked such a proud great-grandma. xx

  3. All those flowers bring back memories of my gran's garden. Thank you.

    1. Very oldie worldy aren't they. Perhaps folk don't have as much time these days to bother much with annuals. A great pity and I am so glad you enjoyed these choices.

  4. I have grown all of them. Beautiful things. Water restrictions means that snow drops are the only ones I continue to grow. They come up year after year - and are always welcome.
    Love that photo of your mother.

    1. Of course you have. I'd not have expected otherwise.
      Sunflowers could perhaps be sun loving enough to withstand our water restrictions and hotter summers. There's a challenge for you EC.
      It is a great photo. She and K were very close right throughout their history.