Saturday, June 6, 2015


STIRLING GARDENS (named after Governor Stirling)

Stirling Gardens is a small public park in Perth, Western Australia.  Located on the corner of St Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, west of the Government House and north of the Supreme Court buildings, it contains a group of significant sculpture items.

A statue of Alexander Forrest stands at the St Georges Terrace entrance to Stirling Gardens:

 History...Originally established by the Perth Vineyard Society in 1845 with Government approval, the Gardens were leased to Henry Laroche Cole for a ten-year period in 1846, and were eventually returned to Government control at the end of that period.  In 1868 Enoch Barratt was appointed as the Government Gardener to tend the Government Gardens (now known as Stirling Gardens), a position which he held until he retired in 1880.

It is one of a series of landscape features that has been classified by the National Trust.

The Ore Obelisk (also known as the Harmony of Minerals) is a memorial to the State's progress and a symbol of a decade of mineral expansion between 1960 and 1970.   It was erected in 1971 to celebrate the millionth citizen of Western Australia.

These are pictures of various features in the Gardens.  It is a very popular place for people to go in their lunch hour for a break from their workplace.

This is a 1890s postcard of Goverment Gardens (now Stirling Gardens) looking across St Georges Terrace at the Old Treasury Buildings (then the General Post Office).



  1. Hari OM first I thought, 'no, didn't get there'... then you showed the Ore Obelisk and I know I saw that!!! Can't imprint everything to memory I suppose.... YAM xx

  2. It would be very hard to go back to the office after a lunch spent there...

  3. What a wonderful little park. I love the gumnut babies playing and that Ore Obelisk is unusual, but i like it.

  4. What a gorgeous wonderful place for a leisurely stroll. Just beautiful. A national treasure, even more so than all the minerals. (That one millionth citizen sculpture isn't my cuppa tea, but maybe it looks more impressive in person.)