Saturday, May 3, 2014


This will be the last Saturday cat of the felis domesticus variety but I may try and find information about some of the big cats if I can.

The YORK CHOCOLATE (or simply York) is an uncommon and relatively recent breed of show cat, with a long, fluffy coat and a tapered tail and most of them are mostly or entirely chocolate brown.  The breed was named after New York state, where it was established in 1983.  It was created by colour selectin domestic long haired cats of mixed ancestry.  The breed it not widely recognised by cat registries.

The breed was created by Janet Chiefari in 1983 (unreliable source).  The father was a black long haired cat and the mother was a long haired black and white cat.  Their Siamese ancestors created the brown colouring in one kitten: Brownie.  Brownie had a kitten that subsequent summer with a black long haired form.  There were two kittens in the litter: a chocolate male and a white and chocolate female.  Upon noticing similarities in coat and body types, Chiefari began her own breeding programme.

The breed is recognised under the shorter name York by the recently founded World Cat Federation based in Germany, and with some differences from previously published standards, most of which seem to have been lost.  In March, 1990, the Cat Fancier's Federation of the New England area of the US recognised the York chocolates as an "experimental" cat breed, and allegedly gave it championship status within the group in March, 1992, but publishes no breed standard or any other information about the breed today.  It was supposedly granted champion status by the Canadian Cat Association in March, 1995, as well but while the CCA published a breed standard in 1995, as of March, 2013, the organisation no longer advertises it, and it includes outdated wording.

The York is a medium to large cat with a rounded heat and a moderately long muzle.  They have large almond shaped eyes that are either gold or green.  Their bodies are slender and midway betwen the Oriental and foreign types, with long necks.  The have full taped tails. tufted feet and sometimes ruffs.  The coat is semi-longhaired and very fine.  (There seem to be a variety of acceptable colours allowed with the kittens being much lighter with tabby "ghost" markings and tipping being acceptable in kittens).

Wikipedia states that this article needs additional citations for verification.  I wonder if anyone has actually heard of the York Chocolate or even just the York?  I certainly haven't but they look to be rather nice cats.


  1. I haven't heard of them. They are a very pretty cat - but I do have reservations about people 'creating' new breeds. I suspect that a lot of inbreeding is often involved... And a cat or a dog certainly doesn't need a pedigree to win my heart.

    1. They certainly are an attractive cat but I'm always with you when it comes to 'creation' of new breeds.
      Our Siamese 'Charlie Brown" won our hearts but so have so many moggies that have been much loved and so missed when they left us.

  2. They're gorgeous! They look a lot like my daughter's cat, Missy, who is a fluffy long haired black, always a small cat, but recently appears to have grown a bit, which is odd since she is about 15 years old. Maybe she has lost weight around her middle, so her legs appear longer.
    I'd like very much to read about the Big Cats. You could title it Zoo cats and satisfy the Z requirement.

    1. Thinking back I think a cat a friend had looked somewhat like this one...a very pretty cat.
      Perhaps, as with we humans, cats change shape as they age which gives them a different look, albeit the apparent size difference?
      I have found a wonderful website so will do a series on both big and small wildcats which I am hoping from which I will learn a lot and others will enjoy along with me.

  3. Hari OM
    Certainly a lovely looking cat - though apparently only carries a look of disdain or complete surprise...!!! I've ranted before about 'selection' and I see EC has mentioned it this time. There are so many pretty cats already, I just don't get the need for further breeding. Ah well.

    I love that you report the notations of Wiki too Mimsie; that's honourable! YAM xx

    1. Perhaps a wee bit snobbish and thinking itself special?
      Yes, a few of us have ranted on before about all this special breeding. Perhaps some folk are just never satisfied to enjoy what the rest of us think are perfect anyway?
      I do try to tell it as it is but quite often forget. I find Wiki are good and they are honest enough also to say they don't have the full story.
      Hope your weekend is going well for you. Have your friend returned home yet? xx

    2. Hari Om
      Yes, H and LV drove off down yesterday - just as well, today there is a thick blanket of fog, rain and a cold wind. We had the best of it!! Yxx