Thursday, May 8, 2014


Here I am again looking to find the good and bad of the past week.  I hope your week has been reasonable with no mishaps.  I think enumerating is the way to go, so here goes:

1.  A few weeks back Phil, while clambering onto a kitchen chair to replace the battery in wall clock, scraped his shin but no real visible damage showed.  A week or so went by and he and I both noticed that leg was quite swollen and he said it was slightly tender.  I tried to have he see our GP but "no, it'll be OK soon" until we saw the young lady who is acting as a locum for our podiatrist last Thursday afternoon.  "See your doctor" she said and so I booked Phil in to see Dr Ken.  Saw the doctor early this week and was sent for an urgent ultrasound looking for DVT.  Fortunately result came back negative.  Saw doctor again today.  It is definitely not cellulitis as no redness nor pain etc., which is good news.   I didn't actually think it was anyway.  "Rest it when possible" and no worries.  Seems that is a definite 'right' or at least I hope so.

2.  I did get confirmation about my second x-ray seemingly being OK although it was suggested a follow up x-ray be done in 6 months.  That is a 'right' as they'd not leave it 6 months if they thought there was a real problem.

3.  Our kitchen vinyl went down last Thursday as planned and it is fantastic.  It has a sort of tile pattern without being well defined and is pale enough that with the new lighter coloured bench tops the whole kitchen is much brighter than before.  I can't take a photo as I left my camera down at Baldivis when we were there for AJ's birthday afternoon tea.  Anyway, it is a big "right" for us.

4.  We have had good rains (actually there was another shower a few minutes ago) although some people did sustain a little damage which is a pity and some suburbs were without power for a while.  Any rain is a 'right' but when it is up to about 45mm then it is good.   Not quite that much at our place but enough that we shouldn't have to water the garden for a week or two.  Isolated showers forecast for he next few days but not expecting too much.  Heard on the news tonight that Perth had the most rain in one day than it had had for 3 years.

5.  Now there is a 'wrong' which I am beinning to get annoyed about.  I explained last Thursday about the confusion re building insurance and contents insurance and how the one firm got the job to do the vinyl and the other thought they had the job to do both the vinyl and carpet.   I waited two days for some response from Choices after I contacted them but nothing.  I emailed the young man who did the measuring up last Monday week and explained it all and his response was their head office would sort it out.  What sorting out needs to be done I wondered.  They had the what else did they need to know.   I waited another day or two and nothing so another email sent and the response was "I'll get on to it straight away.  Sorry about the delay."  That email arrived on 5th May so today (8th May) I have sent another email and if I receive no response tomorrow I will first ring him direct on his mobile number and then if more stalling I'll have to get back to GIO.  Problem there is that one is often put on hold for up to 20 minutes and then to await to hear back from one's client manager.......and it was all going so well too!!

No wonder you hear people who've lost their entire house to fire or flood complaining these days.  I know we have a bigger population and insurance is for some reason not as straightforward as it once was but I do wish they'd all get their acts sorted out once and for all.  There is no rush about the carpet but I'd just like to see it all over and done with.  I often yearn for the days when each firm had a switchboard operators who knew just who to put you through to and that person knew exactly what they were talking about or dealing with and there would be no delays, or very few.  It is sometimes difficult for we older folk to deal with modern ways and it does make us wonder, is change really all that beneficial?

P.S.  A really great "right' but perhaps a 'wrong' healthwise.  When Phil returned from the shop this afternoon he brought with him two chocolate eclairs.   Mmmm, delicious.  Well you have to spoil yourself, just occasionally, don't you?


  1. Your insurance companies claims handling leaves a lot to be desired. They need to be reminded that this is what you pay your premiums for.

  2. Hari OM
    The rights are all good - but it is easy to let the wrong take over isn't it? I had a dreadful time with call centre traffic stuffs when trying to get power organised for my new home and I was very nearly demented with it. So full sympo-pathica there Mimsie!!

    Not been the best week here with two friends losing close companions and being housebound due to foul weather. On the brighter side of that coin though, I got lots of administrative stuff caught up on... YAM xx

  3. Love your rights - and sympathise (and empathise) with the irritations.

  4. I empathise over the 'seemingly' incompetence of insurance companies Mimsie. We pay big dollars for insurance but apparently it doesn't cover good customer service. I speak generally of course.
    I so hope that Phil's leg improves quickly. Did the injury break the skin and there's an infection deep down?
    And finally, chocolate eclairs make every troubling thing better - at least for a while!

  5. #1, why do men so often say oh It's nothing and refuse to see a doctor until their leg nearly falls off? A woman would have been at the doctor that same day.
    Great news about your vinyl being down and looking great, but poo-poo on the carpet people.
    And happy dances for all the rain you've had! We had rain here too, all day today.