Saturday, January 5, 2013


Twelfth night has arrived so the festive season has drawn to a close.  I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as reasonably possible with no mishaps of any kind.

As we were at our granddaughters's home for Christmas Day and nobody was expected here over the festive season we had not bothered with decorations.  Just a few on the mantlepiece for a bit of fun and I had blue tacked all the Christmas Cards to the door frame and the bi-fold door where they looked so pretty.  We received some lovely cards from near and far as well as some via Jacquie Lawson e-cards which are always so beautiful.

In the 5 days since New Year's Day I've been doing a little reminiscing about 2012 trying to think of the important things that happened during those 366 days.  (During those 5 days of course I had my 81st birthday with a visit from my daughter, granddaughter and Immy and AJ which was much appreciated).

Of course I celebrated the big 80 on 2 January last year which amazed me.  I remember towards the end of the 20th century never imagining I would see the year 2000 and there I was celebrating my birthday in 2012.

Our eldest granddaughter also celebrated her birthday on 31st January.

February saw the family all getting together to say happy birthday to Immy, our #2 great-granddaughter, who celebrated her 4th birthday on 12 February.  She had just begun attending kindergarten so she had two reasons to celebrate.

March and April continued to be quite hot and then on 26th April the family welcomed AJ, our third great-granddaughter.  It was so lovely to be able to visit her in the hospital as when her sister was born their parents were living in Sydney.

In June and July we celebrated #2 granddaughter's birthday and my daughter's birthday and then in August it was our son-in-law's turn.

It was at about this time that MOH was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea and he bought his sleep machine which has turned out to be a godsend and we both enjoy more peaceful nights now.

In September our #1 great-granddaughter turned sweet sixteen.  She had a party with friends and I understand really enjoyed herself.

In October the family were once again all at our eldest granddaughter's home to celebrate her husband's birthday and also her sister's birthday (our #3 granddaughter) and to wish her bon voyage as she (#3 g/daughter) was about to depart shortly afterwards to spend 2 years in Alaska.

Immy watches as her dad and auntie blow out their birthday candles.

I began having attacks of vertigo in October which were most unpleasant.  I saw an ENT specialist early December who said it may be Meniere's and I was to see him again in March for a final diagnosis.   The strange thing is that since seeing him I have not had a single vertigo attack (last one was on 20th November).  Does this mean they have stopped or am I just being lulled into a false sense of well-being?  I guess one can only hope for the best although perhaps I should make that ENT appointment, just in case.

December saw the beginning of a cluster of family birthdays.  MOH on 2nd December and our two grandsons on 20th and 30th December respectively.  We celebrated our 30 year old's at his folks place but of course could only send a card to the 24 year old as, like his sister who has a birthday in May, we no longer see of hear from them.  We still silently wish them well though.

Son and daughter-in-law celebrate their birthdays in September and July but in their case as well we can do nothing except send greeting cards and silently wish them all life's best.

Looking back on 2012, you could say ours is not what one would call an exciting life.  We do go out for the occasional hotel lunch with friends but no holidays or movies or the like.  We live quietly at home with our little cat and see our family as often as possible.

I have my computer and enjoy checking in with blogging friends, and reading, and MOH enjoys his classical music and his more serious reading and sojourns in the garden trying to keep it in some sort of order.  Thanks to a friend in New Zealand I discovered author Lee Child last year and really enjoy his books.  Unfortunately I have now read nearly all of them but I am sure before too long I will be reading them for as second time.  He was born in Coventry, UK where MOH hails from.  I also began re-reading books by Dick Francis whose books I have here.  They are a good stand-by when I can't find suitable reading at our local library.

Although not an exciting life we must be thankful we are still here to enjoy it and hope that 2013 will continue to see us remain reasonably healthy (with the help of our medical friends and lots of tablets each day) and safe.  We wish the same for all our family and our friends in various parts of the world.


  1. There is a Chinese curse 'May you live in interesting times...' which I have always thought was ominous in the extreme. War, floods, fires, disease etc cannot be considered boring, but I don't want to experience them.
    What your life is full of is love. Which makes it pretty special, and not dull at all.

    1. You are so right at my age is much more important. I think we are perhaps living in 'interesting times' and for this reason I am so thankful I live in Australia, and in particular in Perth.
      Hope you are keeping cool over there in your part of the world.

  2. I think excitement is over rated once you get past fifty or so. Adventure would be okay, as that means a little travel, but apart from that, give me a quiet life, thanks.

  3. Yes, River the quiet life is the way to go for me these days. I often dream of being away somewhere on holiday but then I'd just have to come home again!!