Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have already mentioned I have two grandsons who recently had birthdays.  I also have 4 grandaughters of whom I am very proud.  They are all different to each other and that makes each one unique.

Our eldest granddaughter was born in 1972 when I was only 41 and I was delighted to welcome my daughter's baby into our family.   She will celebrate her birthday at the end of this month.  She was a wonderfully easy to get on with as a baby and child and although we missed seeing a lot of her while her parents lived in Bunbury we still saw her a lot when she was older.

She studied at university and with her two degrees she became an early childhood teacher, teaching pre-primary and early grades.   When she moved to Sydney with her husband she became the director of a child minding agency so has had a lot of experience with babies and children which has stood her in good stead as a mother of two beautiful little girls.

It also enabled her to establish her own blog dealing with early childhood for which she has received two awards for best blog dealing with children in the Asia-Pacific region.  (I apologise if I don't have this absolutely correct but she travelled to Singapore to receive her first award and I think to Kaula Lumpur to receive the second award).   As you can imagine we were all very proud when she was recognised for the excellent work she had done on her blog.

We are pleased that she now resides back in Perth with her husband and the two little ones and she is still busy being a mum and a blogger.  We wish her well for the future and for her birthday on 31st.  It is at her and her husband's home that we have spent Christmas Day over the past 3 years and they can only be described as some of the Christmases we have known.  Thank you C & M.

Our second granddaughter was born in 1977.  She was a lovely baby but her mum knew she wasn't terribly well and although she was taken to several doctors it wasn't until they saw a doctor at Princess Margaret Hospital that they found out she had a kidney problem.  If only one of the doctors had realised earlier what was wrong far less damage would possibly have been done to that kidney.

She has lead quite an exciting life having lived in Port Hedland with her daughter for several years driving to and from Perth a few times without mishap despite encountering cows, emus, kangaroos and other beasties en route.  When you consider this is a distance of 1,636 kilometres that entails approximately 19 hours on the road, this is no mean feat for a lass alone with her little girl. 

She has cared very well for her daughter who was brain injured when the passenger in a car driven by a friend when the friend drove out onto a major road in foggy conditions in front of a front-end loader.  It was just before the little girl's 5th birthday and it was touch and go for a few days.  Consequently the youngster spent her birthday in hospital and the family all went to see her with gifts and hugs and kisses.  (I am sure the young woman who was driving the car has never forgotten the experience).

We were delighted on Christmas Day when this #2 granddaughter announced that she and her partner had become engaged.  We wish her much happiness in the future as we feel she richly deserves it.

I could tell much more about my granddaughters but suffice to say I love them all very much but I will continue this post in a few days as I don't want to make my stories too long.


  1. I am always interested, and you could make your posts just as long as you liked.
    Your pride in, and love for your family is truly heart-warming.

    1. Thanks are a sheer delight. Yes, I do love my family and wish I saw more of them but they are always so busy. I have lost all my close friends (except one who is also always busy) so MOH and my family are all I have left apart from my very loyal blogging friends.

  2. I hear your pride and match it with my own in my two grand daughters, one eight and a half, the other will be 19 next month. They are cousins, but don't know each other as there is a rift between the families. I'm hopeful this will change as certain parties mature....

    1. You will see what I said in reply to EC's post. My family also has cousins that never see each other due to the stupidity of my 55 year old son who just cut us all off 11 years ago. His loss...and ours too unfortunately.