Sunday, January 27, 2013


I began this story a while back and for some reason I've just not had the ability to write over the past couple of weeks.  Hot weather, concern over my daughter and others bits and pieces have had my mind wandering and concentration at a minimum.

My #3 granddaughter was born in October, 1978.  She was a good baby and a real character as a toddler and small child.  Had a real sense of humour and often had us in fits of laughter at the cute things she would come out with. 

She did well at school, had several jobs and after a time attended university where she obtained a degree and then decided to find some serious work.  She always liked a challenge and some of the positions she held were indeed very challenging but she handled them all extremely well.

A couple of years back she met a friend in Alaska (in my day we would have been penfriends but in this modern age they use Skype) and last year, after visiting and spending a couple of weeks, there she decided she wanted to live and work there if it was at all possible.  She was fortunate in being able to pretty well fly through the red tape involved in obtaining a work visa and all other documents necessary and at the end of 2012 we bade her farewell.

We have heard from her and her friend constantly since then and life for them seems to be just wonderful.  We are so pleased as life hadn't always gone the way she anticipated.  She has set up a small business and now is actually driving a car which is indeed wonderful.  Some years ago I asked her why she didn't get her driver's licence (she actually had a car in her garage) and she told me she thought there were enough idiots on the road already. 

Not only is she now driving but has discovered SNOW.  She was delighted as the first snow fell but then discovered the hard work it involved with sweeping and shovelling etc., and what it is like to be COLD.  Never mind though...she is still enjoying herself and that is most important.

Our love and best wishes are always with her and we hope she has a happy and successful life ahead of her in her new home.  Earlier this month I spoke to her and her friend using Skype which my daughter set up on my computer.  It was on my birthday and it was a terrific birthday surprise being able to speak to and see her over such a great distance.

My #4 granddaughter was born in May 1986.  I remember her mother telephoning me and asking me to drive her to the hospital as the baby had decided to arrive.  I stayed with her until her husband (my son) arrived and was so pleased to be so much part of this happy event.  This 4th granddaughter was a very well behaved child but very shy of strangers and even members of the family. 

I saw quite a lot of her as our two families lived quite close at that time and got to know her quite well.  She did very well at school and attended university and now I believe has a very good position with a bank here in Perth.

Unfortunately I have not seen her since 2001 when she was 15 owing to my son's stupidity in deciding to break all connection with his parents and sister.  I am grateful that her mum does from time to time keep me up to date with how they all are so I do know that this granddaughter has a long time partner, they have built a new home together and I believe they are planning to marry next year. I know I will not see her being married but I wish she and her partner all the very best for their future years together.

I have always been saddened by my son's decision and have missed him, his wife and my two grandchildren over the past 11 years but such are life's little miseries which we deal with and move on as best we can.   


  1. I love your updates on your family. This one had tears in my eyes for both of your grand-daughters - tears of happiness (and a little jealousy) for your grand-daughter in Alaska, and sympathetic tears for the damage that can be done within a family. I am very happy that your son's wife does at least try and keep you up to date. Not ideal, but miles better than nothing.

    1. EC you are a dear. With the problems you are having, especially right now, you never fail to have thoughts for others. Thank you so much for your kind words and hope all goes well in the coming week.

  2. I can read the pride you have in these girls.
    I'm getting excited to see where my own grand daughter's future takes her. She's 18 and studying Art at Uni among other things.

    1. Yes River I am proud of all my family, even that silly son of mine. I hope your own granddaughter does well. There is so much potential for young folk to do well these days.

  3. Grandchildren are such a joy.

  4. You've hit the nail on the head there Delores. Now I am also find such joy in my 3 great-granddaughters. What more do I need other than my family, even if it is a quite small one compared to others.