Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Last night became a wonderful way to end the old year and welcome in the new.  We thought to try and make it a little special as in previous years (prior to the air machine) MOH had nearly always dozed off at about 10pm and I'd had to wake him at midnight to wish him happy new year.  He seldom dozes off during the evening these days which shows just how well it is working for him.

We had an enjoyable chicken meal with a glass of very nice white wine and we watched "Inspector Rex" and then switched over to the latter part of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and following that we revelled in watching "Last Night of the Proms 2012".  The conductor Jiri Belohlavek was magnificent as was the talented female violinist Nicola Benditti and the Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja.  We'd thought there was nothing to watch when we first glanced at the TV programme but then it all fell into place.

While viewing the above we treated ourselves to camembert cheese and Jatz crackers and shared a small bottle of Toohey's Old.  I do not like beer but this is one drink I do enjoy in moderation.

This took us up to 11.50pm when we switched to the last few minutes of the broadcast from Sydney (they are 3 hours ahead of us so of course it was a delayed telecast) and I must say this was the most disappointing part of the night leading up to midnight.  Sure we saw the fireworks on Sydney Harbour which are always pretty to watch but the rest left a lot to be desired so we contented ourselves just watching the fireworks until we reached the midnight hour.

A quick kiss and wishes of Happy New Year and 2013 had begun.  We talked about how we hoped 2013 would be kind to us and our loved ones and that we would try and keep as healthy as possible and enjoy life a little more than in 2012 during which we had a few trials and tribulations.

We spoke about it this morning, after a horrible night when it was hot and very humid, and declared it was one of the most enjoyable New Year Eves we had shared for many a long year.

I hope you also enjoyed whatever it was you were doing last night.  We certainly did.

(Picture by courtesy of Fotosearch)


  1. Happy New Year Mimsie and MOH - sounds like you had the most wonderful night. I'm so glad the machine is working for your husband, what a relief it must be. Here's to a wonderful 2013 for you and your family xx

    1. Thanks PPMJ. Yes it turned out to be a most enjoyable evening and that machine has made so much difference to our lives; I now get a good night's sleep as well.
      Hope you and your family enjoy one of the best years of your lives to date. That would be really special.
      All the best to everyone. xxx

  2. Happy New Year to you and MOH and today HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mimsie. I hope that your day and your year is full of love and magic.

    1. Thanks for the double wishes EC; much appreciated. Today has been special and we are so hoping that 2013 will have some magic. We are assured that love will be present right through.
      To you and your hubby all the best for 2013. xx