Monday, December 17, 2012


As I quite often don't go out for a week or even longer (except to our exercise group on Wednesday mornings) this past week was quite exhausting, albeit interesting.

MONDAY:  Man from Cockburn Care came to do our front lawns.  Didn't really mean I was involved but was glad to take some of the burden off MOH's shoulders.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with my physio.  Explained I was having lots of pain at the sides/back of my rib cage.  She found the problem and boy was it just a tad painful.  Seems when my lower back is bad I tend to lean forward which puts pressure on the muscles between my ribs.  Of course I didn't know I had muscles there but apparently we all do.  After about 25 minutes of work the relief was tremendous and has lasted all week.

TUESDAY:  I had an 11.00 appointment with a nurse at Silver Chain and they have moved from North Lake Road (about 5-7 mins drive from our place) to a new posh building in the backblocks of Jandakot.  We have stupidly not updated our street directory (they are not as easy to buy as they once were) and the mud map sent was anything but helpful.  I googled the address and was able to work out which way to go but......when I said to MOH "I think we could have gone right there" he of course turned right there.  It was not an alternative route at all and a road that went on for quite a few kilometres till the next main road.  Not having an up-to-date street directory meant we had no alternative but to retrace our 'steps' and continue on the road I'd meant us to be on in the first place.  The worse of it was the number of huge trucks on the same roads.  It is a very new area so there is loads of building going on.  Fortunately we were only 5 minutes late but we had the same 30 minute drive to get back home again.

WEDNESDAY:  Exercise group at 9.30 a.m. and we had a great time as it was also the break up party for the year so champagne (or champagne and orange in my case) plus mince pies, Christmas cake, strawberries and other little chocolate delights.  We resume on 9th January and I am determined to exercise at home from now one. I promise myself I will.

11.30am  Our lovely hairdresser arrived to cut both my hair and MOH's hair.  For many years we went to her home but they have sold up and she has decided from now on she will go to her clients rather than them come to her (at least until she knows where they will be living in the future.  They are now in a large caravan in her mum's back garden.)

2.30pm  Appointment with my gastroenterologist as some blood tests I had done recently showed I am low in iron with the 'ferritin' being really low.  My GP is concerned there is internal bleeding so am booked for a colonoscopy and endoscopy in March next year.  I guess it best to be sure than sorry but quite honestly I feel it is all to do with the diabetes and other problems that may be causing the low iron.

THURSDAY:  "A FREE DAY" I thought but then realised we really should do some Christmas shopping so off we went to Big W (using my trusty walking frame) and managed to find a few things we wanted and followed it up by an enjoyable afternoon at our favourite cafe.

FRIDAY:  The second Friday of each month MOH goes to a nearby library to meet with half a dozen people who are interested in poetry.  They call themselves The Dead Poet's Society (perhaps you guessed that one) and as this was their last meeting for the year they were asked to bring partners.  We all took platters of different foods and after selected poems were read out and discussed we chatted about different things and then enjoyed some nibbles and a non-alcoholic wine (Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee which was quite pleasant although I've read bad reviews about their still non-alcoholic wines).  All in all we spent a really great 3 hours and I thanked them for having me.  We then went into the library itself and found a few DVDs to take out as the TV programmes themselves are pretty grotty right now.  We don't watch much TV but like to settle down of an evening and watch a couple of shows or a DVD.

SATURDAY:  We both more or less rested to revitalise ourselves after what had been a very busy week; well for us anyway!

SUNDAY:  Off to afternoon tea at our daughter and son-in-law's home to help celebrate the 30th birthday of their son (our grandson).  Once again very pleasant to spend several hours with family.

TODAY:  Final appointment of 2012 with my physio....worked on lower back and she does some wonderful work and I can feel the relief immediately and am now walking more upright.  She is so helpful in keeping me reasonably mobile that we always give her a wee gift at Christmas to say thank you.  She loves a certain blue vein cheese so two packets wrapped up for her today.  She knew immediately what it was as it was cold from being in our fridge and we hope she gets a lot of enjoyment when she eats it.

The above may not seem a lot to people who are active but believe me a few hours out and about and I am ready to relax in my recliner with my feet up.   We still have a wee bit of shopping to do before next Tuesday but some has been done online and it's so easy to go the post office to pick up the parcels.


  1. No, no, no. As I read through this list I wanted to sit down and have a rest. It sounds HUGE to me - and sadly mimics my week this week. I have at least one appointment every day and will not finish my Lifeline duties until midnight tonight and I really don't know quite how I will manage. Naps if I can I think.
    I hope your next few days give you some much needed rest.

  2. Yes EC it was a tiring week and I hope you get through yours OK with the occasional nap. One item I omitted was collecting two dresses from the Eastern States via our Aust Post collection point where there was a long queue waiting. Why some firms refuse to send items to PO Boxes is beyond me. Anyway I loved the dresses and Kakka has seen one of them and she really approves which made me feel good. :)
    Have rested today but from tomorrow it will be GO GO GO as I still have some Christmas shopping to do and cards to send. That Christmas spirit is still very low key.