Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Just checked the long range forecast and wish I hadn't done so!!!!  Christmas day (they say) will be 38C (100.4F) and here was me hoping for a cool day.  The temperatures have been going up and down in Perth of late and I had my fingers crossed they would go down next week but, because my hands aren't very supple these days, perhaps I didn't cross the poor old fingers hard enough.

I am fortunate in many ways though.  The family now consider me old so they don't burden me with having to do too much but perhaps provide plates, napkins etc. which I am always pleased to do and I will make any salads or similar that they need.  I wonder if they'll need Christmas crackers?  Must ask them about that.

It is one sure thing though, that we will all enjoy ourselves as the past few Christmases have been truly wonderful and now with an extra great-granddaughter to share it with, it will be truly special.  We will of course miss our #3 granddaughter who will be celebrating in the snow in Alaska but she will be with us in spirit as I am sure we will all be in her thoughts.

There are still a few gifts to be brought and cards to send....boy am I running late this year but I am still trying to boost my Christmas spirit and finding it hard to do so.  I have no idea why this is.  My age perhaps?  The difficulty of moving easily and getting things done?  Does anyone have an answer?

Never mind though....I truly am looking forward to spending Christmas Day with my dear MOH and our lovely family regardless of what the weatherman throws at us.....although I WOULD prefer rain.


  1. I hear you on all counts. I really, really don't do well in hot weather - but neither do I cope with the big swings we have also been having. I am waaaay behind in Christmassy things as well. Sigh. And some rain would be a marvellous Xmas present. Have a wonderful Christmas Day with the family - which is the only important thing at the end of the day.

    1. The weatherman has now upped the forecast for Christmas Day to 40C (104F)!!!! I think the past couple of Christmas Days have been 40C so seems we are establishing some kind of pattern over here. One I could well do without. Our weather has been up and down like a yoyo and it does play havoc with me too. We went shopping today and MOH and I are both pooped. He has his feet up reading and I just had to check my computer to see what has been happening while we were out.

  2. Hi Mimsie! I've seen your cute photo in comments, so I had to stop by and say hello! I love your name....Mimsie...so lovely! (I'm also a blog friend of The Elephant's Child and The Feathered Nest.) As I've mentioned on...I think...Elephant's Child's blog, I can't imagine celebrating Christmas every year in the heat of summer time! It just doesn't fit my brain...since I live in the Midwest of the US, and I'm used to cold winters, and sometimes White Christmases! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends!

  3. Hi there Becky...great to have you visit and thanks for the comment re photo. I was much prettier at that age than I am now at 80!!
    My daughter (Kakka on her blog) and I have always dreamed of a white Christmas somewhere but neither have achieved it. I was born here in Western Australia but have never become acclimatised. I blame my ancestors who came from Denmark and Northern Scotland. I probably should have been born in a cold climate. lol Thanks for your wishes...much appreciated and all the best to you and your loved ones.

  4. Yeow, that's definitely hot. Heat or not, spending a day with family is always a good time. Nothing beats Christmas and the excitement of the kids!

    I too feel like I'm running a little late in preparing for Christmas. Even if I start a month before Christmas, I always feel like I'm down to the wire. Tis the season, right?

    Here's hoping you get the last bits of preparation finished and have a delightful holiday with the family!

  5. Thanks Kam and guess what? They've dropped the temp on Christmas Day back to 39C (102.2F) so a tad cooler. I finally wrote and mailed the last of my cards today with one day in hand as some have to get to the eastern states by Monday. I now have 4 days left to wrap presents so have just made it. Phew! I can imagine your Christmas will be very special with Beth there to share with you and Kiera. Love to all of you. xx