Thursday, December 20, 2012


Yesterday we went shopping as there were some things I couldn't buy online (what a fantastic idea that is for someone like me who can't walk for very long) and although I felt I was a dismal failure MOH said I did very well.

Yes, I had to buy myself a Christmas bear!! I began doing this in 2009 so now I have 4 of them each with their little red hats with the year showing.  I think the family feel I am a little silly but I have always loved teddy bears and when I was quite young and we didn't have much money I was given an old teddy bear when I was 6 by a boy who had 'outgrown' his teddy.  I loved that bear for years.  I have my bears lined up on top of a 4' bookcase at the back of our living room.  I wonder how many I will eventually have?  I am hoping family member will take one each one day as keepsakes.

I found a delightful shop that sells tea and all the things that go with tea making and the most fabulous cups and saucers, teapots etc.  MOH was off claiming refunds from Medicare and HBF so I had time to look at these fabulous things which was fun in itself.  Also had a rest on the seat of my walking frame as I had to wait for MOH to catch up with me.  I love to watch people so was able to indulge myself for a while and these days there are some very interesting people around.  Much more so than when I was young so many to look at and wonder about.

When trying to find a good Fisher Price toy for our youngest great-granddaughter and we were discussing the pros and cons of this toy or that a lovely young woman with a little one in a stroller stopped and said "that one is really good for that age" and then another young woman added her opinion as well and said she agreed.  It was so great that these two young women should bother to take time to help out a couple of oldies with their advice.  Solved our problem and made us realise there still are some really nice people around who care about others.  The chosen toy is terrific.  One of those that makes different noises when you press on its hands or feet and I am sure it will delight our g/gdaughter.  No, it is not the one in this picture but I thought this rather cute too when I saw it but not early as much fun.

We then went to a different shopping centre where we indulged ourselves with a cup of steaming hot coffee and a large lamington WITH CREAM each.

 Afterwards we spent more time finding last minute bits and pieces and I think we are now done but we can't think what to buy each other.  I have already bought MOH a couple of new knit shirts and some t-shirts but can't think of anything else.  I keep suggesting different items but he says "No, I don't need that" so perhaps just keep loving each other a lot which at our age is so very important.

All in all I am proud of myself in being able to keep on my feet (with frequent sit downs) for so long.  Oh, I do miss the days when I would delight in window shopping and just going for walks for the sake of walking but at least I'm still here to have a grizzle about it and I did manage yesterday and not too stiff today which is a bonus.


  1. Loving is the BEST gift. And very little wrapping required.
    You should be proud of yourself - it sounded like a very full day.
    (and you are further ahead with your preparations than I am with mine).
    And grizzle away - you are entitled. It is just so frustrating when your body does you wrong isn't it?
    Have a great Christmas.

    1. You are so right EC. Love is the best gift anyone can give or receive. I must have got myself into gear at the right time as all cards gone with a day to spare. Hope your Christmas is a good one too. xx

  2. I love browsing through tea and coffee shops too, they have so many lovely things.
    And lamingtons with cream! Oh yum!
    I started a Christmas teddy collection once, but only got one bear, the next year I just couldn't afford it.
    Now I still have the one bear and a smaller version that I found in a second hand shop, plus my stuffed chimpanzees and gorillas.
    Loving, like Elephant's Child said, is the best gift, wrapped in hugs.

  3. I suggested to MOH he check out the various teas but he is so fussy (like his tea STRONG) I may leave it till after the Christmas rush and take him back for a leisurely look at the varieties.
    Yes, lamington AND cream. Very self-indulgent but felt we deserved it before we began second lot of shopping.
    Your chimps and gorillas sound quite exciting. Now that is different. I do know what you say about not being able to afford certain things. Sory of my life in many ways but as long as I am loved and can love I shouldn't complain.