Friday, April 6, 2012


Diabetes in itself can be a big bore as well as being a somewhat insidious disease that can do things to our bodies without us knowing they are happening.  I was first diagnosed with Type 2 in June of 1996, a week before going on holidays.  Mad panic to see a diabetes educator to find out what I should and should not eat etc.  Was told the best and worst foods and drinks and so tried to do my best while away.  At that time it was just diet and exercise (I could at least go for a walk back then) and so it continued until eventually I had to begin taking tablets and I experienced the ups and downs of glucose readings over many years until 2011 when I had to begin injecting insulin.

MOH and I saw our diabetes specialist last Wednesday.   He was very pleased with MOH who now doesn't have to have a blood test or go back to see him for 3 months.  His glucose was quite good both short and long term and his blood pressure was excellent.  Lucky man.

Me?  My blood pressure was quite good (sigh of relief as I didn't want to have to begin taking Beta Blockers) but although my random glucose was good my long term (HbA1c) was not.  I had been using a slow acting insulin at bedtime each day since about mid-year 2011 but obviously it was not doing the job we had hoped it would do.  I know I need to lose some kilos but not being able to exercise to any degree or even walk very far these days it is just a case of trying to eat less while still eating sufficient to keep hypos at bay.  It becomes a somewhat Catch 22 situation at the best of times.

Things are changing again.  I now have to use a human 30/70 insulin 15-20 minutes before breakfast and dinner each day.  It apparently takes a short while to get into the system so this is the reason for the delay before eating.

I explained to the professor that I had difficulty delivering the insulin into my abdomen with the previous insulin pen because of the arthritis in my hand and this in turn was causing some pain when doing the injection.  Wonderful doctor that he is he ordered a much different type of "pen" which is quite squat with a big dial on the front (wish I was clever enough to take a photo of it and show it here as it is just so different).  To inject now I just have to use my index finger while holding the gadget with the other hand and guess what?  No pain now which is fantastic.  I am not always all that keen on 'things' that are new these days but this one is wonderful.

In one thing I am extremely fortunate.  I have never worried about having an injection, even as a child.  I know many people that absolutely hate having an injection or even a blood test.  I am not a masocist and I do feel pain as do others but needles?  No worries so how lucky am I?

It will take a while before I know how this new insulin will affect my glucose readings but if not good I can adjust the 'dose' 2 points at a time until I can back to a reasonably normal reading.  I am glad the professor thinks I am intelligent enough to be trusted to make these adjustments myself which means I don't have to keep going back to be told what to do.  I have another blood test and see him in 6 weeks so fingers crossed my HbA1c will have gone down, hopefully below 7%. That may be asking a bit much in such a short time but please let it be below 8% (it is now 8.3% which is considered to be 'poor glycaemic control'.  Makes me feel as though I have been naughty but honestly I haven't been bad at all!!

As said above. diabetes is a nuisance and I can only be so thankful that I was 64 when I was diagnosed.  My thoughts are always with the children who are often diagnosed with Type 1 when very young and one can only imagine how worrying it must be for their parents and trying and frightening for the children themselves with daily tests, injections etc.  There is hope of a cure for Type 1 which one can only hope will come in the foreseeable future.

I wrote this mainly for my own sake in trying to remain positive and not let the damned disease get the better of me.  I will keep testing.  I will do the injections as instructed.  I will try and manage what I eat as much as I possibly can and endeavour to be as active as my poor old body will let me.  I apologise if this is a very boring blog today but as said it is more for me than for anyone else so do forgive me this indulgence.

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