Friday, April 20, 2012


I may be 80 now but still I have daydreams.  They are of course never likely to come to fruition but nevertheless I like to use my imagination at times.  Now is the time to indulge an old lady as I explain what some of those daydreams are:

I often dream of having a nice new house or even enough money to completely renovate the house we live in as I enjoy living where we are.

I dream of one more wonderful holiday, preferably to New Zealand again, but apart from the fact that we can't afford it I know I wouldn't really enjoy and it would be hard for MOH as I just can't get around any more.

I dream that I am able to go for really long walks as we once did and even play golf with MOH which was one of my 'hope to' things before he retired.  He is not playing himself these days and I dream that one day he will say he is going to play again.  It worries me that he's not playing any more.

I also dream that I may see my son and his family again one day before I drop off the mortal coil.  It is now more than 10 years since we saw them and even though we try to put these things behind us we still have lots of regrets at his decision not to see any of us.

I always dream that all my family will have wonderful long, happy lives and always be successful.

I guess there are also other dreams that pop up occasionally but these are the main ones.  The holiday ones I enjoy when I lie in bed and can't sleep.  I then go to all those placed I have loved so much on holidays and they seem very real at times.

Thank you for letting me indulge in these fantasies.  The quote I believe is "to sleep, perchance to dream" but sometimes my dreams happen when I am wide awake.

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