Friday, April 20, 2012


I came on here tonight to find it all changed and now I am completely lost.  I hope everyone else is happy with the changes but I still believe that if it ain't broke then no reason to fix it.  I was quite content with the old format and now don't know where I am.  This is happening constantly these days with everything....always has to be something different.  Wish thing could remain the same and simple.  I wonder if everyone else that blogs is happy with the new format and understand what to do.


  1. Nothing has changed for me, and this looks the same on my computer, what's different?

  2. I take that back, it is all different behind the scenes. Sure we will both work it out. Keep smiling xxx

  3. Thanks Karen. Glad you found the difference too. It opens up the same as usual but then it is certainly all different. It's as with Facebook which everyone though was working most efficiently but they had to change that and now not many are happy with it all and want to change it back to the original format. Hopefully we will work out way through this too.