Friday, March 30, 2012


Over 40 years ago MOH bought me this lovely little Philips AM/FM portable radio.  It was quite small and so convenient to use.  I always had it beside me on the sofa and would turn it on to hear news bulletins or just to listen to talk back radio or listen to football games during the AFL season.

I knew it was getting old 'cos the volume control/ switch was getting worn but it still worked OK as long as I was patient with it.  The sound wasn't as good as when it was new but then I didn't listen to music on it anyway and only ever listened to AM stations.  The AM/FM switch had given up working too.

Last week we changed the batteries (had to always use sticky tape to keep them in place but that was never a problem) and it was getting a bit tricky to open and close.  This time all went well until we turned it on and there was this awful buzzing sound that we couldn't stop.

Took it to our local radio shop and left it with them.  They rang to say that the radio was very old (we knew that already) and a couple of the switches were very worn but that they would try and solder some of the bits together and would ring when ready.  The sad news came on Wednesday when they rang to say "Sorry but it's just too old and the parts too worn to be repaired".

Oh no!!!....not my old friend that had been my companion over so many years.  What to do now?  I got on the internet and found a nearby store that had several portable radios listed and one had a review that said this chap had bought this particular radio for his 81yo mum and she was extremely pleased with it and found it very easy to use.  O.K. I thought to myself I am 80 so it should be all right for me too.

Told MOH and he immediately jumped in the car, drove to the store and bought me my new radio and when I went to give him the money for it he said it was my Easter gift (he is just so wonderful).  So now I have a lovely new radio (about twice the size of the old one but still compact and very portable) and will be able to listen to the football (the season begins this week) to my heart's content as well as the other programmes I like to hear.

The radio shop only wanted $10 for having tried to save my little radio which I thought was reasonable and good of them and I will bring it home and pop it in a cupboard as I don't have the heart to dump it in the bin.  I know that sounds a bit silly but you don't just dump old friends in the bin do you?

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  1. Old friends do deserve special treatment, especially ones who've served you so well. I'm so pleased you were able to find a replacement radio - they're not easy to track down are they? Happy listening x