Friday, March 9, 2012


Sad but true....The Kwinana Hotel will close on 11 March and after an auction to sell off all that can be sold it will be pulled down and apparently the area will be used for more housing.

MOH and I have been going to the Kwinana Hotel several times a year for some time now.  We used to quite often meet an old friend of mine at various hotels/cafes half way between where we live and her home in Mandurah but the Kwinana was our favourite.  The Kwinana is just an old fashioned Aussie pub and had a great smorgasbord covering many varieties of good food and excellent desserts.  Tea and coffee were also included.  It is a favourite with pensioners and you would quite often see a bus or buses parked in the car park which had brought a number of pensioners for lunch there on pension days.

Several years ago my friend's youngest son moved back to W.A. from NS.W.with the intent of helping his mother who by that time was quite unwell.  We still used to meet with both of them and we have so many happy memories of their company and meals enjoyed in Kwinana.  My friend died 2 years ago but we still kept on meeting Richard for lunch and yesterday we joined Richard for our last lunch at the old pub.  It still only cost MOH and myself $AUS17.00 each and Richard $AUS20.00.  That is an amazing price for all you can eat.

I guess it is because MOH are now getting on in years but we really don't enjoy the very modern meals being served these days with bits and pieces piled in the middle of plates or if you have fish and chips the fish is on top of the chips with sauce or whatever poured over the top resulting in soggy chips.  I can see we are going to have to do some serious investigation to see if there are actually any old Aussie pubs still open and also places that fall within our financial capabilities.  We can only hope.

RIP Kwinana Hotel.

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  1. Oh that's sad Mimsie, nothing like losing a beloved landmark is there. And I know what you mean about a good old pub meal - that's the whole reason you go to a pub rather than a restaurant. I hope you find another one near you soon. Have a lovely weekend. x