Saturday, March 3, 2012


This though was kindly laughter, the recipient of which was MOH.

I was out here in my work room when in he strolled looking very serious.  "What have you been up to?" I asked, to which he replied "I have been thinking about my 85th birthday."

As he only turned 82 last December I thought this a little unusual so asked him what had brought these thoughts to his mind.

His reply was wonderful and was the reason for my good natured laughter:

"I have been thinking about my 85th birthday when (and if ) I get there" he explained, "and I've decided on that day I will break all the rules of our healthy diet:

Breakfast...Bacon, eggs, sausage and maybe a slice of fried bread.
Morning tea....Small pork pie
Lunch....Fish and chips and a glass of dark ale
Afternoon tea...Chocolate eclair
Dinner...Traditional roast dinner with all the trimmings followed by apple pie and cream and of course a
                glass or two of wine.
Supper...Camembert cheese and biscuits and before retiring for the night a drop of good Scotch.

MOH says if he makes it to 85 then he deserves to have all of the above and I agree with him.  This will probably use up all the fat etc., allowed for about a month so back to a rigid diet afterwards but I feel he will be quite happy to be good again for some time.

I have made a note of the menu so that when he reaches 85 I will be able to make sure he gets his wish.  Hopefully I will still be here to do just that and enjoy it with him.


  1. I hope he makes it to his 85th and indulges in all he wants. I know he is a fan of pork pies and chocolate eclairs and never has them now. Love a bit of forward planning. xxx

    1. I guess at our age one can only plan from day to day but glad to see MOH can see far ahead of that. I too hope he makes it and me along with him xx

  2. Great blog. You might like this poem about mothers.

    1. Thank you Carole....very interesting