Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where do I begin?

How do I begin? I may not be in the best frame of mine right now as horrible things are happening in my life and that of my family. My best friend died last month...we first met 65 years back...and I am going to miss chatting with her on the 'phone as we so often did. One of my granddaughters has just had her house burgled...gosh, there are some rotten people around these days and I wonder what is happening to the Perth I loved years ago. I am not sure I fit into this modern world of greed, anger and aggression. Was it really so good in 'the old days' or were many of us just so much more innocent? I should be content as I have a lovely family but everyone these days seems so short of time that I don't see as much of them as I would like. We had less money, less labour-saving gadgets when I was young but, even when working full-time, we seemed to have more time to spare. Woke up in the middle of last night feeling very sad for many reasons so perhaps this not a good time to begin a blog but decided to do it anyway. I love to ramble on so anyone who reads this will have to get used to me doing that.
I mentioned I'd had a couple of hip replacements recently and I have to be so grateful that my wonderful husband, who will be 80 this year, played mother to me for the first six weeks. Fortunately I now can do the cooking, dishes etc., which gives him more time for those jobs he has to do outside, and for his weekly game of golf. How fortunately I am to have him with me, hopefully for many years to come.


  1. Well done Mum, enjoy your blogging, I know it works for me. xxx

  2. Thanks love. My life not as exciting as yours but I am sure I can keep it going without being TOO's hoping anyway/