Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My thoughts on many things.

I have been trying to contact my local bank. You ring the 1300 number and they put you through to your branch and you then get a message "We are either busy with customers or the bank is closed, please leave a messsage". To start with you just wouldn't ring a bank outside banking hours!!! I have left messages on three occasions but never had a call back. I emailed a lady whom we have dealt with in the past and she very kindly telephone me and my query has been answered. At least that worked so thank goodness for my computer.
Another thing that annoys me about all this is that our telephone plan enables us to make local calls for 10 cents each but if we have to use a 1300 number it costs us 25 cents. Now, where is the fairness in that?? Who makes the profit there I wonder? Perhaps banks etc., should have 1800 numbers.. how about that?
As far as daylight saving is concerned I and my husband have had it up to here!!! If it had ended in W.A. at end of February perhaps not so bad but March weather here is notoriously hot and nasty and we don't need the heat extending far into the evenings as it does now. One gets fed up with always having to toe the line with regard to the eastern states of Australia. Twice Western Australians have voted "yes" for secession but we still have to obey our masters 'over there'. O.K. we are a couple of oldies but there are young ones I know who will also vote "NO" in April.
My husband saw his doctor this morning and I wish I'd gone with him. Why is it men don't seem to ask the right questions? She has given him a new medication to help with his breathing and he says it seems to have helped. He is having a cup of coffee before heading home and also going to find out about perhaps getting a new mobile phone. We don't use ours much but, like us, it is getting old and it's battery is wearing out. A new one would be $49 so maybe a new phone is the way to go. Wish we could both have new batteries and a charger. A thing of the future maybe??
I have been having fun on eBay...both selling and buying, probably more of the latter than the former. I've met some nice people on eBay and even though the contacts are only brief at least it does relieve the feeling of loneliness I feel so much of the time.
I recently took my sewing machine out of the cupboard (hadn't used it for about 3 years) and it's great to be using it again. I can't do a lot of dressmaking as such 'cos I can't use scissors for cutting out (arthritic hands) but I have been able to odd sewing job and I just love using my machine. I do miss being able to make my own clothes but at least I am sewing again. It's like being back in touch with an old friend.
I doubt anyone will ever read this but is good for me to get things out of my system here. A form of therapy maybe?? Just between my friendly eMac and me and it doesn't object to anything I type which is perhaps fortunate.

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