Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some doctors really ARE good

Today my husband visited a new doctor. He is a consulting physician and an endocrinologist and struck us as being really caring and we didn't have the feeling we were rushed as one often does feel these days. He welcomed me being there as he said an extra pair of ears was always helpful as perhaps was an extra mouth as well!! Hubby often doesn't tell all as he is not one to talk about himself but you must be open when dealing with doctors or how are they going to know exactly what is going on. This doctor was very thorough dealing with the problems that have arisen (hypertension caused by tumour (non-malignant fortunately) on adrenal gland, etc) and explained all the pros and cons extensively. I feel my hubby is lucky to have been referred to this doctor and will hopefully soon be feeling much happier about himself. The next appoinment will be in three weeks time during which time B/P has to be taken twice a day and a record kept of it. The doctor increased the medication recently prescribed and is hoping that it in itself will do the trick without the need for surgery which is good news. He is not dealing with the diabetes and said he will leave that to the Professor whom we both see again in early June. Today our faith has been restored in the medical profession.

I am thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather we are experiencing in Perth this week and wonder if we have actually seen the end of those endless weeks with daytime temperatures above 30C which is a little wearing for everyone eventually. I am a cold weather person as a rule and often wonder will I feel the cold more as I age more. I certainly seem to notice the heat more than I did when younger.

Had a lovely email from Warwickshire, England from cousins of my husband. They are both in their eighties but seem to enjoy their lives which is wonderful. There is also another cousin there who turned 92 this month and our love and best wishes go to him. That man's sister is 96 so there is obviously longevity in the family's hoping!!

Have not heard much from our family of late but I imagine they are busy as people usually seem to be these days. Although we would love to see or hear from them more than we do, one just must not make demands on busy people. It is easy for we who are retired to wonder why we don't hear, but then our time is our own to do with as we will and we have nobody to answer to but ourselves. I think at times the elderly make far too many demands on the young and, although it is often done because we love them, we must learn to be patient.

I think it is only a week or so before the end of daylight saving and I can't saw we will be sorry to see it end. I don't think the very hot summer we had helped at all and it certainly meant we had some very hot evenings. It will be interesting to see the result of the daylight saving referendum in May. Three times such a referendum has resulted in a NO vote but that could well change this time.

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