Friday, March 13, 2009


This is Friday 13 March. Do you ever tell someone something and then wonder why you did so? You comment on a remark that someone makes and then think to yourself "Why did I say that? It was a little misleading and possibly not completely accurate." It's a silly thing to do and something one often regrets. I usually put my brain into gear before I speak but perhaps not as often as I should.

I have had one of those confusing days where I've tried to do too many things and actually not got very much done at all. The last two days have been pretty full on so guess I had to expect today to be as it has been....a bit of a dead loss all round.
Never mind, I only really have myself to answer to or to blame if I don't get things husband is very patient with me (bless him) and I served him up a nice hot lunch so no complaints from him. I think I am aching a bit much today to really concentrate on much at all. My hips are mending well but the poor old muscles seem to ache a bit much. I keep telling myself that every day in every way I am getting better and better and I'd better believe it!!

My granddaughter who was burgled recently is currently looking at houses/units as she feels she'd like to move. When she rented a couple of years back it was difficult to find anywhere to live but now there seem to be lots of places available in her chosen area so hopefully she will find a new home for herself and her daughter very shortly. She even told me that an agent had said they may have to reduce some rents as properties were not being rented. That seems to go against what we have heard about a shortage of rental properties. Could depend on how close to the city one wants to live.

I'm not sure much of the above is very interesting but these are the things that fill my life of late but perhaps not of great interest to others. I apologise if I am boring at times and I will have to try and do better in future.

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