Friday, May 6, 2016


I may have mentioned previously that I am a long-time fan of Mario Lanza.  Here is his beautiful rendition of Moonlight Serenade complete with words.  I know many of you prefer modern-day music but do pause for a minute or two and listen to this magnificent voice.  YouTube is providing me with some beautiful music these days that I can listen to when on my computer doing other things, such as playing Scrabble or working on my 'farms' (and that is another story).


  1. YouTube is a great source for music. Mario Lanza was my late mother-in-law's favourite singer.

  2. It is a nice voice, I think my mum would have liked this. Certainly my mother in law would, she was 91 yesterday.

  3. Hari Om
    A wonderful tenor... on another matter, I know of the 'farms' ... but my thing on Android is the 'ponds' of koi.. oh my - hold me back from obsession dear Lord!!! &*> YAM xx