Saturday, October 31, 2015


Oh yes, I am still doing lots of sitting and with it comes lots of thinking.

The other day I was thinking about something I had read about sitting for long spells.  It was suggested if you are using a computer, watching a batch of DVDs or similar, you should get up every 30 minutes and go for a little wander.  Apparently it is very good for your heart to do that.   I do tend to spend a couple of hours at a time on the computer on Facebook, looking after my farms in Farm Town, playing Scrabble or just researching one thing or another, and then of course there is blogging.

 I decided I would set my little kettle timer to 30 minutes and make sure I got up and wandered around for a few minutes when the little bell rang.  I have been doing that for several days now and, who knows, I may even lose a little weight through the increased activity.

I may have told you that Candy likes hunting lizards and geckos and often brings them in to show us.  Phil then hurriedly grabs the dustpan and brush and pops the poor little critter back in the garden.  Well, the other day Phil got in the car and there on the dashboard was what I call a fence lizard:
He tried to shoo it out through the door but it wasn't having any and disappeared somewhere under the dash.   Yesterday we visited our podiatrist and as I got back into the car I noticed something in the little hollow on my door (near the arm rest).  Yes, you've guessed it.....the poor little lizard.  We weren't sure if it had survived several days in the car but sure enough it was very lively and Phil was able to gently lift it out using his handkerchief and then pop it on the ground.  From there he guided it across to a patch of greenery and it ran up the kerbing and hid itself in there.  We think perhaps Candy had been chasing it in our driveway one day and to get out of her way it may have run up one of the tyres and then into the interior of the car.  It may be only a tiny creature but it felt so good to know we had saved its life and we wish it well.

It rained in Perth last night.....not a lot but at least it saved us having to water the garden (our set night) but I think the sprinklers will be out again on Tuesday night (our other set night).  We have had a real taste of summer during September and October and have virtually had no real spring weather with those usual delightful balmy days with spring showers.  Our dams and reservoirs are at their lowest level for many years.  By the time our summer ends in about March or April I think we will be well and truly ready and waiting for winter to begin in June.


  1. I am so glad you were able to save the lizard.
    We have had rain promised, but it isn't here. Yet. Fingers and toes crossed.
    It does promise to be a long hot dry summer though. Sigh.

  2. I spent 20 years virtually chained to a desk and a computer and let me tell you...I got up and walked around every chance I got. It is not only good for you, it is essential.

  3. hari OM
    yes, the computers can become a bit of a 'lockdown' if we are not aware. I think your kitchen timer idea is fabulous thinking and may even 'steal' that idea for myself.

    Saving any part of nature, no matter its size, is surely a heart-strengthening thing too - in a very different way! Am travelling To Sydney on Friday for seven weeks, and I am so looking forward to the warmth! Though I do know the lack of rain has major concerns. Just which I could pack up some of ours to bring with.... YAM xx

  4. Mimsie! how wonderful to catch up with you. Your posts are always a delight. Truly. and how fabulous you've had rain. Always a welcome thing over there my dear. I hope you and yours are all keeping well. I have so much catching up to do! x

  5. That looks like what we call a skink, they're very small, about four inches long and maybe a half an inch thick. I like them, I think they're cute. so sorry to hear one got stuck in your car, but at least he survived.
    I do the 'get up and walk about' thing too.