Saturday, October 3, 2015


Well, not for me exactly but for four football teams in Oz.  The AFL grand final will be played at the MCG today and our West Coast Eagles will do their very best to defeat Hawthorn and bring the Premiership cup back to W.A.  Meanwhile in Sydney two rugby teams from Queensland will fight it out in their grand final.  (I think they are both rugby league teams....shows how much I know about rugby in general).

Even though I am a supporter of our other W.A. club the Fremantle (Dockers) Football Club I wish the Eagles all the best.
You may notice there have been no Tuesday Chats for a few weeks.  Quite honestly there has been nothing of interest to chat about.  We are both slowly recovering from those rotten colds and find ourselves continually sleeping late which rather cuts into the day.  Not that we've a lot of energy to do much anyway but we do fee guilty not to be doing more.

We set a new weather record in September having 3 days above 30ºC (86ºF) which is not particularly pleasant in spring and a real taste of what we can expect this coming summer which doesn't begin till 1st December.  We also are told we had the warmest winter for many years so it's not looking too good for the future especially when it comes to water storage.  Our dams and reservoirs are at a very low level.  We all must do more to help save our planet.  I still favour planting more trees, of the right species, as we need to try and replace all the forests that have been cut down over past centuries.

Our #3 granddaughter in America has a birthday today (she is now living in New Jersey where they moved to from Sitka, Alaska several months ago).  We are so used to having family gatherings for our birthdays and we miss seeing Beth when her birthdays come round but she will know we are all thinking of her and sending her our love on her special day.

Tomorrow will be our grandson-in-law's birthday but their 7 year old is in lots of dancing competitions during the school holidays so we may not get to see him but we also send him our love for a happy birthday.  I am sure we will catch up with him before too long.  Their daughter has won 2 or 3 silver medals for her dancing along with her troupe and we feel very proud of her.  We don't unfortunately get to see her dance but we do get the results.  She loves her dancing as does her 3-year-old sister who seems to have lots of potential.

There's not much else happening in our dull uninteresting lives but I hope you are still enjoying Monday funnies, Wednesday wisdom, the garden flowers and my Friday favourites.  I intend to keep up with it all if I possibly can.


  1. Hari OM
    always look forward to your posts Mimsie, whatever they contain... it's just good to know that life is rumbling along; Have a great weekend. YAM xx

    1. Weekend quiet now that dreadful football game is over. Why I watched it I have no idea as it was a demolition derby. I feel for the West Aussies who support the Eagles though.
      Thanks Yam. xx

  2. Yam, said it for me.
    Have a wonderful, relaxing, healthy weekend.

    1. Thanks EC. Just wish we could have a normal spring with some nice cool weather and spring showers. They've been promised but must have got lost along the way.

  3. I didn't follow the football, did the Eagles win?
    Spring is rarely cool and rainy here in Australia, it starts out cool, but hurries into summer, far to quickly every year for my liking. It's almost like eight months of summer by the time we get past our warm autumns.
    Sad news about the water levels being so low, with all the weather chaos everywhere else, you'd think maybe we could get a wet winter or two for a change.
    Hope you and Phil feel a bit more energetic soon.

    1. Eagles were beaten by a better team on the day, a team much more experienced in playing final over past couple of years and also on their home ground whereas the Eagles only had one game on the MCG the entire season.
      I see you are now having hot weather. We've had our share and although today was quite cold compared, we have more hot days due next weekend. The promised rain hardly eventuated and the sun shower I saw today lasted all of 30 seconds and I doubt it even made it to the ground.
      One wet winter would be wonderful or two or even three. Wishful thinking on my part.