Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sometimes when I sits I thinks.  Forced to sit more than I want to these days there are more thoughts whirling around in my silly head.  (I am usually indoors fully dressed!)

TV ads:  As I normally crochet when watching TV I don't watch the ads all that closely but some catch my eye; some are quite funny but others annoy me no end.

There are several ads (I think they are for different types of cars) and you see these women driving  singing along to music and virtually in one case, dancing too, hands on and off the steering wheel.   We hear of so many accidents these days with drivers being asked to take care on the road.   Talk about accidents waiting to happen.  I hope it doesn't catch on.

Another time I saw an ad where a small child threw her apple on the floor and mummy dear gave her one of those so called health bars in its place.  I actually emailed the standards people saying it was such a waste of good food and couldn't see that a manufactured product was healthier than an apple.  The reply was that they could see nothing wrong with the ad.  I gave up after that.

Rugby Union:  The rugby world cup is currently being played and apparently Australia is doing quite well.   Last night I decided to watch the game between South Africa and Wales.  I managed to watch till half time but that was enough for me.  I've watched bits of rugby games before and to my mind it is nothing but organised chaos, or even disorganised chaos.  I apologise to those who love the game.  I can follow soccer (football) OK although I still have problems understanding the offside rule (Phil said most people do) and Aussie Rules is pretty straightforward (in this game it is the umpires that seem to have trouble with the rules) but rugby union and rugby league?  No, sorry but those games are just not for me.  I must admit thought that one of the SA players could certainly kick straight when shooting a very long penalty kick. 

Then of course there is American rugby where they wear padding nearly everywhere it is possible to wear padding.   After watching that game of rugby union last night I am wondering why they too don't pad up.  I wonder how the American rugby players would get on without all that padding if they played our guys.  Food for thought there.

From time to time when I am sitting and having these weird type thoughts I will share them with you for what they are worth or maybe they are worth nothing at all.


  1. I watch a lot of DVDs, so I don't see many ads. I haven't seen the one where the child throws an apple on the floor, but you reminded me that all of my children loved apples, the oldest enjoyed chewing on them even before she had teeth! I'd hand her one as we went for walks, she'd sit in the pram happily gnawing and I'd watch the faces of people passing us by.

    1. We too watch a number of DVDs (some for the second or third time if they are good i.e. West Wing or Foyle's War). We do though watch a couple of quiz programmes (to keep our old brains busy) and that is often where the commercials appear.
      The apple ad was some months/years ago but really annoyed me. We began our babies with a piece of apple wrapped in muslin and then I think grated apple.
      Phil has an apple every day of which I am often given a slice.

  2. Hari OM
    I mute all advertising breaks... but rarely watch commercial television anyway.

    I am hooked on Rugby Union! Can't stand soccer, can tolerate AFL and don't mind League. American 'football'??? Precious little flowers... ;~)

    Keep thinking Mimsie, and keep sharing those thoughts! YAM xx

    1. I too mute ad breaks and fortunately there is not much on commercial TV that we watch although one of the digital channels is repeating some excellent British shows which we watch as they are so well done. That is where we are bombarded with commercials. We have now purchased complete sets of several of these shows which will of course be commercial-less when we view them.
      I have a Welsh Facebook friend who follows rugby union who admits she still doesn't understand all the rules.
      Some thoughts are perhaps best kept to myself Yam. xx

  3. I'm glad you are thinking....I wish some of those advertisers were as well.

    1. I need to keep this old brain working as long as I can so thinking is the order of the day.
      Some commercials on TV these days are absolutely ridiculous. I am sure they running out of ideas although they are now re-using some from years ago (to save money I suppose).

  4. Your thoughts are worth a lot as I enjoyed reading them. Like you I enjoy some advertising and then others send out the totally wrong message to our young. I find those totally irresponsible. Not a sports fan, I am afraid if there is a ball involved my eyes glaze over, though I do enjoy watching a little golf.

    1. Thank you Denise for your kind comments.
      I do enjoy watching AFL (Aussie Rules) games when our two West Aussie teams play, occasionally tennis and even less often golf.
      We are not fans of either the Olympic or Empire games.
      We did finally watch Le Tour de France this year and found ourselves thoroughly enjoying it and of course the chap representing England won.
      Phil enjoyed it as he had visited many of the places in France when he was a young man.

  5. I don't watch any sport - with the occasional exception of motor bike racing.
    I know the 'dancing' in the car ad you mean and agree. Haven't seen the apple to the floor one. Sigh. I cannot imagine my parents (or any responsible one) 'rewarding' me for throwing away perfectly good food.
    Love your thoughts.

    1. You must enjoy motor sports. K is a real rev head when it comes to Bathurst and always watches it.
      I have now seen more of those stupid women drivers and if they drove in traffic like that they would surely cause a serious accident.
      I am now wondering how much perfectly good foods we actually see advertised these days.