Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I hope you don't find this too boring but these pictures are part of the story and were taken during a very important part of my life so please bear with me.  Next week I promise I will get back to the story proper.

Continuing on from Parts 22 (1) and (a) these are black and white photos of our honeymoon trip through our south-west region.  They would have been taken with the camera that Phil bought on the ship that brought him to Australia in 1960.  After our wedding we drove south and spent the first night in a motel in Bunbury.  After a hearty breakfast we once again headed in a south/south-westerly direction.  It was spring and our beautiful wildflowers were in full bloom.  We also took colour slides but, of course, I am unable to share them with you.   Anyway, as I said, these are only black and white photos but they still bring back powerful memories.  I wonder what all these places look like now in 2014?

As we headed south-west we travelled on the Balingup-Nannup road.  It was a very narrow, winding road as you can see from the warning sign.  You can enlarge these photos if you have a mind to and more details can be seen if you do so.

We then headed towards the tall timber and the Walpole Inlet:

Then it was into the karri forest where there are many huge red tingle trees.  Sorry the words on the sign are not very clear.

In those days tourists would park their cars inside this partly burnt out, but still very much alive, tingle tree.  We of course had to do it as well just to show we could.  I understand this was stopped some years later and, if I remember rightly, the tree is now cordoned off to prevent this from happening and from any damage occurring to the tree/s which I thoroughly agree with even if it perhaps spoils the fun a little.  I guess what you don't know about, you don't miss.

As we headed for Albany we called in to William Bay and discovered the petrified forest.  I am sure this huge rock should have a name but I couldn't find one.   Reminds me of the head of a hippo and perhaps a foot as well.  I tried to find information about this petrified forest but so far without luck. I will keep trying as it must have a story.

This is a modern photograph I grabbed from Google to show you the beauty of William Bay in wonderful technicolor.  It really is a very beautiful area on our south coast.

We then drove east towards Albany where we spent a pleasant few days before returning home.  This is Jimmy Newell's Harbour, a natural harbour on the south coast named after a man who it is said anchored his ship here to keep safe from a storm.

Phil sitting and admiring the scenery at the Salmon Pools:

A little further along the coast we came across the Natural Bridge and right next to it was "Boat Rock".  Also 'The Cap".

and then looking to the left (east) and right (west) shots of the rugged coastline in this part of the country.  Love the sparkle of the water from the afternoon sun.  Even in black and white it looks quite spectacular.  Well, I think it does anyway.

We then had to head north toward home as we had to be back for Steven's 10th birthday on the 24th.  Here we are travelling toward the beautiful Stirling Ranges, wishing we had more time to spend there admiring the countless different wildflowers.  The side of the road was just alive with colour.

Here we are on Mount Toolbrunup looking across the highest peak in the ranges, Bluff Knoll.  We had experienced quite cold weather but on this day in the Stirling Ranges the sun was shining and we sought the shade of a small tree.  I notice though that Phil still had his cardigan on.  That's Phil!!

If I remember correctly I think we made use of that little fireplace to cook ourselves a snack before heading off back to Claremont, and home to the two children both of whom we had missed.  Phil then took mum home to North Perth after she had done a wonderful job of looking after Karen and Steven for us.   Once again my wonderful mum was there when I needed her.

We did have a wonderful week away, really getting to know each other with nobody else around.  It was so peaceful and we felt relaxed and very, very happy.


  1. What a wonderful trip - and an equally wonderful way to start (and celebrate) your new life together.
    Loving these photos - and I can see a lot of you in photos of your beautiful daughter too.

    1. Thanks EC...there have probably been ups and downs but I think the ups have won most times.
      Strange you mention the likeness. When K and I were job sharing she used to get quite upset (not really) when someone would walk in the door and say "Hi Margaret" to her. I've never seen a great likeness but obviously others do. She's day "No it's Karen" and of course the response would be of how much we looked alike. She'd say to me "But Mum I'm 23 years younger than you". Poor K.

  2. Hari om
    Just as EC said, like mother like daughter! These are wonderful Mimsie, the B&W adds drama to that coastline! YAM xx

    1. Thank Yam. I'm never sure if others will be interested in my simple pics but obviously the come through quite well but may run out soon as not sure how much longer this story of mine will continue. Life became so very ordinary after a while so what's to write about I wonder?

  3. What a wonderful adventure you had together.

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful part of our life and there are still very special moments right to this day.

  4. Never boring Mimsie. That first photo with the winding road reminds me of the winding old road through the Adelaide hills when I was little. Dad would drive from Port Pirie to Murray Bridge so I could visit with Mum and the other kids and the hills road would make me carsick every time. Now there is the big freeway with far fewer turns and I have no trouble. These days I only go as far as Stirling or Crafers anyway to visit my older daughter.

    1. We've not been back to some of those areas for years so probably wider and better roads now. Phil often says we should go but at 84 I'm not sure long drives would be good for him. I could probably drive on the open road but not sure that would be a good idea either as I seize up so much these days.
      A big lotto win and we can hire a car with a driver and go back and see those wonderful places. One can always dream.