Thursday, March 13, 2014


This week my thoughts have been very much with the family and friends of, and the people aboard that missing Malaysian airliner.  The not knowing must be truly heart wrenching and I sincerely hope that some trace of the plane's whereabouts is found soon.

I am happy for my #2 granddaughter.   She bought some birds last year and is doing very well with them.  She sold some baby finches last week and now today I find she has some baby quail hatched. Well done Aimee.

Otherwise, not much has happened to make me feel everything is 'right' this week except, as always, I am grateful that Phil and I are still keeping our heads above water (wrong choice of words there after what I did to our kitchen!).

No word about our kitchen yet.  Have had two builders to inspect it and submit quotes to the insurance company.  If nothing heard by Monday I will ring and check on how it's all going.  Dreading the upheaval but also wanting to get it over with.

Visit to my GP this week.  "Getting a bit wheezy" said I.  Now off have to have chest x-ray and a full lung function test so that should be fun.  Also blood test to check iron levels again.  I've been on liquid iron for a year or more so best to check how it's all going.   Had my vitamin B12 shot as well but 'flu vaccine not available yet.  Doctor said he's been told 18th March so perhaps next week.  They say this could be a very bad 'flu season in Australia so best be protected as much as possible, especially we oldies.

Good to see the AFL football season starts on Friday with the team I support going to Melbourne to play so all the best to them.  If they win then there will be a big 'RIGHT' next week to brag about.


  1. Good luck on the kitchen front. We have accepted a quote for the driveway and are waiting for them to tell us when they can start. Sigh.
    And good luck on the lung function/blood test caper. Sigh.
    You can keep the football though. I don't care who wins - so long as I don't have to watch it.

    1. Likewise on your driveway work. Yes, big sigh.
      I must get going and have that x-ray too. Waiting for the weather to cool a tad first.
      I love the AFL but often listen on the radio rather than watch it on TV. You sound like my Karen who, although she ran our footy tipping comp for several years, is not a footy fan.

    2. Sorry EC, I meant to add....thank you for your good wishes.

  2. Hi Mimsie! I really enjoyed this post: Loved the picture of the baby and mama quail. LOVE it that you love football!! So do I! But we don't get any TV broadcasts of Australian football, at least not on my TV. We don't have cable or satellite, just the old fashioned TV antenna in the attic! But it's free! And it's strange to hear about football season arriving, because here in the States, our baseball season is almost here. Love that, too! I hope your kitchen gets fixed soon, too. (I can't believe Elephant's Child is still waiting for hers. I know I read about the different companies giving quotes, quite a long time ago. How frustrating. Hope your doctor visits and tests are all okey-dokey! Big hugs to you!

    1. Thanks Becky (I will get back to you re book and thanks for your trouble in that regard).
      My daughter watched a game of baseball when in Seattle last year (visiting there from Australia) and she really enjoyed it.
      Thank you so much for your good wishes.
      We also only have an ordinary free to air TV, no cable. There is so little to watch these days that I refuse to pay for more not worth watching. Now we have digital TV at least we see our AFL games free to air on one of the digital channels and live too which is good.

  3. I'm concerned about that missing plane too, hard to believe something that large could disappear so thoroughly unless it was planned. Families and passengers alike must be devastated.
    Love the cute little baby quail.
    Hope your chest is okay and all tests come back clear. I've been hearing about that new flu on the news.
    I wish your new kitchen was done already, I can't help thinking that nay mould starting to grow from the damp may be contributing to your wheezes. I'm allergic to mould, breathing in a few spores will have me coughing until I vomit. Because of this my shower gets completely dried after every single use.

    1. I feel that all good thinking people are concerned about that missing plane.
      Those baby quail are sooooo tiny. Aimee has to put them in a special glass case with their parents so they can't escape. She used to house her snakes in the glass cases but she decided to sell the last year. I think birds are much nicer.
      The guy who came about replacing the hall carpet and the vinyl checked for mould and not a sign of it thank goodness.
      I think the reason I get wheezy is my back is so bad at times it really is very, very painful even just walking in the house and I think it makes me out of breath, more because of the pain rather than the exertion and then I wheeze. My allergies are more about grasses, pollen and strange things like mohair.

  4. Hari OM
    ....having been off line for so long and no other means to refer with, I just did a search on Malaysian Airlines (I flew with them to get here!!) - goodness that is a peculiar thing. The not knowing is certainly worse.

    Awwwww to the birdies and big hugs to you for getting kitchen and lungs sorted. Like River, being asthmatic, I get trubs from damp and moulds. I'd be dropping hints to the insurance along those lines!! YAM xx

  5. Thanks Yam....fortunately no mould present and it's not something that seems to worry me. Allergic to other things like grass, smoke etc.
    As explained to River (above) I feel it's caused by the effort to move around when my back is really painful.
    Everyone who has a caring streak in them is concerned about that missing plane. We may never know what happened to it.
    Malaysian Airlines have a wonderful safety record and this must be dreadful for them as well especially as it such a mystery.
    Hope all is going well with you. xx