Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I thought this butterfly too beautiful not to include among the insects on my blog.

Class:  Insecta;  Order:  Lepidoptera;  Family:  Nymphalidae;  Genus:  Yoma;  Species:  sabina

The Lurcher butterfly is dark brown above with a broad orange band across both pairs of wings. The underside pattern is pale brown or brownish grey with a less distinct band.  Female butterflies are sightly larger than the male.  Their wingspan ranges from 67 to 69 mm.

They inhabit lowland rainforest and vine thicket, often near creeks or moist areas in eastern coastal areas of Cape York Peninsula in Northern Queensland, Australia.  Their food includes small herbaceous rainforest plants Dipteracanthusm, Ruellia.

I believe there is also a dog that is called a lurcher;  i.e. the dog that appeared in the British TV series "Heartbeat" known as Alfred.


  1. A beautiful butterfly - which deserves a more musical and descriptive name...

    1. Yes I agree....lurcher not a good name for such beauty.

  2. Hari OM
    Truly a stunner!! Yes, my godmother had a lurcher - not unlike a wolf-hound. Gentle giant, old Ben was...

    Not been around due to the final stage of my move into West Scotland and no internet service for two weeks. AArrrcccckkk. This was a delightful return to your blog Mimsie; hope you are keeping well! YAM xx

    1. Hi Yam...Hope all going well for you now. Great to have you back.
      Phil and I always loved "Alfred" on Heartbeat. They do seem to have a beautiful nature (similar to greyhounds).
      Keep well. xx