Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Phil and I both had appointments with the Professor this afternoon (was nice to be able to go in our own car) and with both of us having excellent Hab1c readings (6.8%) the Prof was very pleased.  That may not make sense but to us it certainly does.

Phil's blood pressure was really good but mine (as usual) was high on the first reading but reasonable on the second one.  The Prof reckons I tense up when I know I'm having my B/P taken so that's why the first one is always high.  Could be that I guess but who knows!!!

Have been told quite seriously to go back to my GP to further investigate why my Vitamin B12 is low. May have to have injections or perhaps tablets which would be better.  Seems it is one of the medications I take for my diabetes that can cause low B12 levels and yet it is one of the best medications for diabetes as it doesn't make you put on weight as so many of them do, including insulin.

I guess what it boils down to is you take what you have to and try to tolerate the side effects by doing something to counteract them.  As Phil said when we were driving home "it's all a big balancing act as we age trying to keep everything going well without upsetting the apple cart".  How right he is.

I have an appointment with my GP on Friday afternoon who may send me for a further B12 blood test and this one, although it is the determining test, is not covered by Medicare.  Fortunately it only costs $30 so I can do that without many worries.  Perhaps I can then begin to feel better and not so damned tired all the time.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not complaining one little bit.  To have been granted all these extra years past our promised three score years and ten is a bonus.  We have friends in their 90s.....perhaps we too will reach a ripe old age .... we can but hope and try to look after ourselves and each other.


  1. I do the same thing with the blood pressure. Congrats on a good reading.

  2. Thank you. They call it 'white coat fever' when your B/P is high first off in the doctor's surgery. Trouble is mine at home is sometimes high too so wonder if it works like that at home as well? Scary!!!

  3. My youngest brother suffers (badly) from white coat blood pressure readings.
    I am thrilled that your readings were positive and hope that they can find a way to give you a little more energy. Hugs.

  4. Thanks EC. It's always good to hear when others suffer the same failings as yourself. I must admit we were thrilled with our BG as it's the best it's been for several years (it's the reading that covers 2-3 months overall so very important as it gives a picture of what's been happening in the body cells over that time). It will be interesting to see what my GP decides to do when I see him tomorrow afternoon.

  5. Hello Mimsie, this is my first comment here. I read JP's blog, A Quiet Corner, and after seeing your comment there just decided to visit yours. I too suffer from white coat syndrome and always request a second reading after being in the office awhile. It is always much lower then.
    I must tell you that I spent quite awhile reading previous posts and admire you for posting your feelings here. That is so hard for many to do because people tend to be very closed, yet they will post nonsense things on other social media, which has never made sense to me. Anyway, if you would like to check out our blog, please do so anytime. My given name is Dorothy and my husband is Pat, but our blog names us as Beatrice and Grenville, all in fun and dating back to when we first started the blog in fun. Nice to meet you.

  6. Hi there Beatrice aka Dorothy. Thank you for popping in and it's great to meet you.
    Thank you for your kind words about my blog. Being rather decrepid because of chronic arthritis I don't get out and about and enjoy blogging just to keep the old brain active as much as possible. I agree with you about the nonsense one finds on social media. I do use Facebook but mainly to play one farming game and also Scrabble which I enjoy very much. I guess much of the time when I write about happenings in my life it is for my sake as well and its a way of keeping a record of events that happen to me/us. I am not a great intellectual or as erudite as many of my blogging friends. My language is simple and of course I do the A-Z of various things just to give me something to write about and in doing so I also learn about those things so gain knowledge along the way.
    As far as white coat fever is concerned I find it somewhat bewildering as it happens sometimes when I check my blood pressure at home. I did 3 the other day..the first was 162/84, the second 145/76 and the third 107/65. I thought I'd best stop there before it went too low. lol
    When I saw the Prof on Wednesday it was 161/75 and the second one was 145/71 (still high but not too bad considering). I guess we all are what we are and all so different to each other. My hubby Phil never has the problem, lucky him.
    Thanks again for your visit and I will definitely pay your blog a visit too.

  7. Good to hear you have your little car back and that your tests are coming back favourably. I think you'll be fine once your B12 level is sorted. I've only had high blood pressure twice in my entire life, both times when I was running late and got in to see the doctor as soon as I reached the office, so no time to calm down. The rest of the time my blood pressure is spot on normal, even through my pregnancies.

  8. Yes it's great to have our little car roadworthy again although apparently the clutch is slipping so more expense in the near future.
    You are fortunate with your BP. Mine was terrible when I was pregnant; ended up with two premmie babies (4 weeks early 'cos of it).
    Saw GP yesterday and have script for B12 injection. Will be seeing him Tuesday afternoon. I am keeping fingers crossed it will do the trick as feel real grotty of late. Apparently tablets won't do the trick.