Monday, June 18, 2012


I had been rather worried for some time about MOH's snoring, breathing etc., during the night and I mentioned it to our GP recently.  Dr W suggested MOH have a sleep test but he declined and then a few weeks later our endocrinologist suggested the same thing (slightly more forcefully) and wrote out a referral.  Professor D doesn't readily take no for an answer.

We rang the office of the recommended firm and were asked to email the referral to them on receipt of which they sent a questionnaire to be answered by MOH online.  I actually did most of the answering as I am the one who is awake to hear what happens to him during the night.

We then had a call from a Dr Phung who is a sleep specialist and an appointment was made to visit him. He seemed to think that an overnight stay in hospital was the best way to approach the problem so a couple of weeks ago MOH stayed overnight at St John of God Hospital in Subiaco.

After the sleep test we had to attend another appointment with Dr Phung and the news we received was not all that good.  MOH does have severe sleep apnea.  Apparently he actually stops breathing 32 times each hour but of course immediately breathes again.  This means he has 3-5 times more risk of heart attack or stroke and, of course, he is also diabetic which carries its own risks in that regard.

An appointment was made with CPAC to arrange trialling a machine for a month which will record  the success or otherwise of using it.  It involves a little box with a mask attached which is worn whilst in bed at night.  MOH sat with it on for about 10 minutes today and didn't seem too fazed about having it on although he said the oxygen was a trifle cold.   No problem there as water can be placed in the machine, the dial turned up a bit and you then get humidity and warmth which can also prevent a dry mouth caused by the oxygen itself.  MOH usually can sleep through with the light on or if it is noisy so should be quite OK with it.

I am not sure if he will try the machine out tonight and if he does whether he will be able to use it right through the night.  I am hoping he will get used to it and use it permanently as he is very special to me and I don't want this sleep apnea getting any worse.

The machine isn't noisy so shouldn't keep either of us awake.  Fingers crossed that MOH can use it and it does work for him.  We have to return to CPAC in 2 weeks for the results to that date and if all is well he will continue with the trial for a further 2 weeks.  Then comes the big decision whether to purchase a machine or not.  We've not even looked into the cost yet. I will telephone our private health insurance tomorrow and hopefully the cost of purchasing a machine will be covered by them. 

Will keep you posted as to how it all goes....will he be able to use the machine without a problem and the big question....will it do the job we are hoping it will do for him.  One can only hope so.


  1. You can tell him we don't want to lose him yet either he means a lot to us as well. Fingers crossed it all goes well. I know a man who uses one and says it has changed his life. Well done to Prof D for making Pop have the test. Now if I can just get my hubby to as well. xxx

  2. He used it for 2 hours last night as it wasn't quite as comfortable as he had hoped. Today he made some adjustments and lay on the bed for half an hour with it and seemed to find it fitted better. It has a tiny light which is good so if you need to turn it off or on or make an adjustment you can see what you are doing. It makes no noise at all which was what I was concerned about.
    Yes I too was pleased the Prof referred him (I agreed wholeheartedly of course). If if it works well for Pop then maybe your other half will give it a go. Let's hope so anyway. xx