Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yes, Precious has once again grown lots and lots of new hair.  She is our beautiful winter cat once more.  I have had fluffy cats over previous years but never one that loses all the extra hair in time for our hot summers and then grows it all back in time for our winter weather.  In summer she becomes quite a short-haired cat.

This year we think she may have grown even more hair than ever before as she looks a wee bit fluffier than in the above picture that my daughter took a few years back.

The strange thing is that Precious seems to eat more for several weeks and we are wondering if perhaps it takes a lot of energy to grow all that extra hair.  I guess it does, so extra calories are needed for a while.

At this time of year she also becomes extra cuddly continually wanting go sit on my lap.  She wants to do that right now but it is really difficult trying to type with her on my lap so at this moment she is lying on the carpet beside my chair.  We know she doesn't like wet weather (is terrified of thunderstorms) and one would imagine with all that fur it wouldn't be much fun getting wet.

For the next couple of months Precious will begin to shed hair and we will find tiny clumps of it all over the house.  She doesn't pull it out, it just falls out so that by the time summer arrives she is once again our svelte little short-haired summer cat.

Long haired or short haired Precious is still our beloved little companion and we let her think she really does rule our home; come to think of it most of the time she does.  Oh dear, a clap of thunder and she has taken off to take refuge under our bed.  Mmm.  Perhaps a good time to turn this computer off....just in case.  (I don't like thunder either but unfortunately I can't fit under the bed).


  1. Oh she's just gorgeous Mimsie, how amazing that she grows such gorgeous hair for winter! My cat just gets boofier for winter.

  2. Yes PPMJ this hair growth is truly amazing. I am sure that this year she is 'hairier' than previous years so does this mean we are in for a cold winter perhaps? She is already beginning to shed so we are constantly picking up wee clumps of her hair from the carpet. She fortunately really loves being brushed so I am able to keep her in reasonably good order.