Monday, June 18, 2012


I have mentioned several times about how MOH and I for some years were going a couple of times each year to join with other diabetics in talking to second year medical students, podiatrists and dentists about what it is like to be diabetic.  I had to stop going a couple of years ago as it involved quite a lot of walking between different areas of the university and I unfortunately just can't do that any more.

All that aside, MOH went to the University in April for a whole day and as usual he enjoyed it and still feels he is being useful doing this.  He finds many of the students show a greater interest in the subject than some years ago which seems to show how important it is these days to be aware of how many people are being diagnosed with diabetes.

The main reason of my story is this:  A few days after the above visit to the uni MOH received a letter from the professor who organises these talks thanking him for once again participating in these practical sessions.

Part of her letter read as follows:  "As a token of UWA's appreciation for your time and in the spirit of your generosity, I have purchased each participant a chicken from Oxfam.  Your chicken will find a home in Laos, helping alleviate the desperate poverty of the people there."

An attachment read:  "No one expects to get a chicken and that what's makes this such a great gift. The fact that is also provides families in Laos with an income and the ability to start breeding more chickens just makes it even better.  It's only a little but it will change a lot.

In Laos, Oxfam Australia works to increase access to food by providing families with the initial fund to buy chickens.  Households can then use eggs to earn an income at the market or to eat themselves.  If the chickens breed, families can get more chickens....and more eggs...and more chickens...and more eggs.....

The chickens are $10 each and the website is   I just typed in "Chickens for Laos" and the page came up with all the necessary details.  We are pensioners so are unable to donate a lot to charities these days but I think we may manage to buy at least one chicken (perhaps two) and if anyone else feels they could do the same it would be something wonderful to do.  Think about it, please.


  1. Beth bought me a blanket for Mother's Day and I quite often buy chickens, goats and the like for the kids as part of their Christmas presents. It is a great way to give to someone who has everything. What a great gift from the Uni. xxx

  2. I thought the Uni really did a great job choosing a chicken as a thank you. Pop was just so pleased when he received their letter.